FROM THE BOOK: LINCOLN APhotobiography by Russell Freedman

I find this ironic:  ” The leading political parties at the time were the Whigs, who favored a strong government in Washington to guide the nation’s future, and the Democrats, who said that the states should control their own affairs, without interference from Washington.” Stephen Douglas another attornery used to argue with Lincoln, Lincoln was a Whig and Douglas a Democrat.  What I find ironic is that the Democratic Party has the most controling Govt in Wash of all time and they keep wanting to make it bigger, while the Republicans, who replaced the Whigs, want a small central govt and more control given back to the States and the People.  When did this all change around?  Pres John Kennedy said,” Ask what you can do for your Govt, not what your Govt. can do for you.” so clearly this did not happen until after Kennedy.  Very ironic that our country is now in debt up to our ears with no change in site, as long as we have a progresive Democrate leading our Country, with a Govt. that now thinks it should interfear in EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES, from when and where we can worship to what gun we can own and how many bullets.  HOW IRONIC AND WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY?????


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