POEM-Refering to the gospel John 21:1-19

The night is long,  the waters hold

No sign of life,  no sight of rest.

Come, Lord, for faith is growing cold,

Come, fill our nets. Need makes us bold

To lay before you hope’s request.

The empty sea gives up its yield,

When we put out at your command

To reap once more this barren field

Where all your bounty lay concealed

Until your love stretched forth its hand.

We fish in vain who fish alone

And think ourselves the harvest’s lord,

For we but catch what you have sown

In seas we neither make nor own,

And have no claim to work’s reward.

The seas and all their fish are yours,

And we your servants at the oar;

Then let us work while night endures

Until the rising sun assures

That you await us on the shore.



3 thoughts on “POEM-Refering to the gospel John 21:1-19

    • Sorry I can’t believe I didn’t list it. Now all I can find from the April prayer book of Magnificat is a song with the same words. It says this hymn can be sung to the tune used for O JESU SWEET, which I have never heard of. Also, does not list an author. I don’t think this is where I got this from however, so will keep looking. I thought it was beautiful.

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