I have decided to write about my life and memories.  If it all works out maybe I can write a book since I lived a rather exciting life in a very exciting time.

My first memory is working with my father, in the garden. We had a large garden behind our house that ran all the way across the back yard. I suppose you could call it a Victory Garden since it was during and after the 2nd WW. However, there had been a garden growing behind our house for many years. The house used to be a farm when my father was young and I am not sure how much land they actually had to farm but by the time I came  along I would guess it was a house lot and a half with a fence around the back, maybe half an acre.  When I was young, there was a big old 2 story barn attached too the shed in back of the house. We could see the barn from the kitchen window. Us kids were told not to go in the barn because it was unsafe.  Sometime when I was quite young, there was an earthquake that went thru Skowhegan. I believe it was when my brother and I were young. My parents hurried us to the doorway to the outside because that is the safest place during an earthquake. After we went back inside and looked at the old barn it was still swaying back and forth and that is when my father decided to tear it down.

Now back to the garden.  My father worked in the shoe shop when I was young and when he got home from work, we had supper(that’s what you call the 5PM meal in the old days in Maine). After that during the summer we had to go out and work in the garden.  He must have done most of the work but I thought it was fun to be working with my father.  That is one of the great memories I have growing up.  My mother used to send us kids out to pick fresh beans, etc. so she could wash and cook them for dinner(at 12 noon).  We always had fresh vegetables in the summer and home canned vegetables in the winter. We had a root cellar where they kept the vegies that lasted all winter. They buried squash, turnips, potatoes, etc. in sand and we had them fresh all winter.  Talk about GMO’s there. Oh, I have to mention it while I think of it. We didn’t know we were poor, and there were no food stamps and we could not take from the Govt. in those days, we had to make it on our own with help of family and friends.  Anyway, have you ever had dandelions for a vegetable? Kind of bitter but not bad with butter. My mother went out during dandelion season, before the flowers came out on them, a dug them up, cut off the roots, and they were the vegetable we had that day with out meal.  I know my grandmother used to make dandelion wine out of them, but when we came along she was old and we needed the vegetables. Very healthy I expect.


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