Back to the garden for a moment. I told you that we had a big garden that ran along the back of our house, we must of had 6 to 10 rows of corn and on Labor Day weekend we had a family corn roast. My father built a brick fire place on the right side of the garden(it’s still there today) and our family and relatives would put corn on one of those long forks, after taking the corn husks off the corn, and roast it over the fire. Very Delicious, if you haven’t tried it you should. 

The corn roast first started out small, my brother, myself, mother and father and perhaps a relative or two, by the time my father got too old to have the corn roast at their house our family had grown to 45 or so, we set up tables outside and had hot dogs, hamburgers and such plus of course desert. But that’s another story.

On the right side of the garden my grandmother had planted a tulip garden. It must have been at least 10 x 15 if not longer. It was beautiful in the spring, the rest of the year I can’t remember what it was used for. My mother continued to take care of it until she had too many children and had no time to garden.  There was also a big flower garden on the side of the house that my grandmother had also started.(by the way, this was my father’s mother and it was her house. My mother moved in when she married my father and by then my grandmother must have been in her late 60’s  which was old in those days. She had 8 kids by the way.) The garden was beautiful and my mother tended that until she got too busy. I know that I used to help her weed, but I think she used the garden as an excuse to get away from house work and get outside.  In my memory I can see the flowers and the most beautiful ones were the bleeding hearts, a plant that had actual little hearts growing on it.

About the barn:, when it was torn down, I must have been fairly young, but I remember my brother and I helping to pull out the old rusty nails with hammers. I expect that my father put us out of the way, and we probably didn’t do much but we certainly thought we were helping.  Can you imagine today letting kids pull out rusty nails? (and yes, we had our tetanus  shorts and we were very healthy) The old barn boards must have been shared with the helpers, but I remember lots of them stored(without nails) under the shed for use when needed. The nails that were still good were kept and used again also. 

My most fun memory with the old boards is when my brother and I decided to build a cabin in the side yard near the back. The other side from the flower garden. I have a photo of my brother on the roof and we did a pretty good job. I think we must of been 8 and 10 or 10 and 12 by then, we thought it was pretty cool.  I don’t remember tearing it down, but I expect we had to at some point. because there is a lilac tree planted there now.  When I find the photos, I will post some of them.


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