From a friend in Iraq on face book:  On the same day two IED’s exploded in Boston killing 3 and wounding 16+/- 12 IED’s were exploded in Iraq killing dozens. while the events in Boston are serious and tragic, they are none the less minor by world comparison. Long term wise our Country will be more harmed by this administrations systematic destruction of America’s international relationships. Alienating Israel, and England while building relations with the Muslim brotherhood, or representing us at a communist dictator’s funeral are prime examples of their failed practices.

I almost feel as though the American populace as a whole is so overwhelmed with daily minutia that they have detached from any form of reality other then the limited circle of daily drama.  If seeing blood vessels in your chicken wing turns your stomach, then my friends, you have disconnected from the facts of life, and from reality. I know there are serious events abound, but don’t let the adrenalin of local events narrow our world field of view. The world is watching as we alienate our friends and open ourselves up to our enemies.  I  have never been a soap box kinda guy, but frankly it’s gotten to the point of alarming…..”

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