From: Magnificat

“Accepting the sacraments means first of all agreeing to be sought out by God and accepting the opportunity offered us by Christ to rejoin God

Practice enables man to discover that he is not alone in his existence, that Someone awaits him, and that his life is a twofold act. It suggests to man that he should not be merely a spectator, but a co-worker in his destiny. This is the great novelty of Christianity, as Saint Paul proclaimed it:  ‘We are co-workers with God.’ God gives us our freedom so that we may use it at each moment  of our great human experiences;

before evil, with penance;

before human love, with matrimony;

before fatherhood, with baptism;

before the struggle against the anguish of death, with the sacrament of the sick;

before the responsibility for our brothers, with confirmation and holy orders.

Face to face with all these great experiences, we are led to be co-workers in humble, day-by-day, coherent acts, for example, in sharing the meal with the friends of Christ.”

by: Father Bernard Bro, O.P.

Spend some time with the Holy Spirit.


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