My sister just reminded me that my father bought the shoe repair shop from a retiring cobbler in 1945, the year she was born.  That explains why a lot of my earliest memories are with my father coming home at 5PM and home on Sat.  After he bought the business he came home for lunch for 1 1/2 hrs. for dinner and rest and home for supper at 6PM. Many nights he went back to work and many nights he brought hand sowing home on shoes like moccasins.   He also worked until 5 on Sat. and he was such a sweetheart he would actually meet women before and after Mass on Sun. so they could have their good shoes for church.   We don’t know how many people he let pay him on time, but since no one had any money after the war which ended in 1945, we imagine there were a lot. I think he kept a record on little pieces of paper.  My mother kept the books since she was experienced in that area.  She brought a lot of things home on little notebook paper and she had to make sense of the ordering. My mother always spent part of Sun. afternoon doing the books.

Can you imagine the courage of a young couple buying a small business and expanding it big enough to support a growing family?  It is still there by the way, owned by my brother. It is LaCasse Shoe Repair in Skowhegan. He still does excellent work.




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