I have thinking about this for a couple of years and finally may get a chance to do something.

I keep seeing things on face book about putting God back in our schools, but I never see anyone doing anything. I’m not sure how effective I will be but if I just get something started it will be worthwhile. 

Now, the first law passed in DC simply said that teachers could not lead organized prayers nor tell kids when they had to pray. That was why they had a few minutes of silence in the morning which I guess they still do some places.  However, that law did not prohibit talking about God in School, did not prohibit students praying and certainly did not prohibit the Pledge.

I am going to first download the actual first law passed and hopefully post at least the main part.

Then I am going to check in my state, Maine, and see if any other laws were passed.

I am also going to do the same in DC.

I am wondering if there are any other laws regarding God in schools or if the rest is just bull to fit some ones agenda.

Does anyone know of anyone or group that is doing this? If so please let me know so I can get in touch.

We need God back in the schools, Children have the right to pray. They need to know about Christianity. The improvements Christianity has brought to the world. They need to learn again about respect, morals, right and wrong and evil and good. If we want bullying and killings to stop, we need to teach our children self-respect, self control and consequences. 

Think about this. 95% of Catholic School children go to college. These schools require teaching in these areas.

It really seems as if there are people in this country that hate our kids. Our kids are unhappy and have no hope, we Christians know the way, we need to do something.

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