I heard the other day some very sad news. The Vermont legislature voted to allow assisted suicide and their Governor signed it. I don’t know if Vermont is a State where the voters can vote something down or not but I hope so. I can’t imagine a New England state sinking to that low level.

I do not understand how a legislature can legalize murder when it is against the law and less we not forget it is against TEN COMMANDMENTS. I realize that a lot of people in this country (a minority still, thank God) do not believe in God or the Ten Commandments or just don’t care. However, there is no way to get around the fact that if you help someone kill themselves, you are committing murder. Suicide is a mortal sin, and I do hope that if a person is so desperate or in such pain that they want to kill themselves, God will understand and forgive them. However, there is no excuse for the person that helps them. Especially a doctor of nurse. Their oath says “do no damage” how can a doctor ignore this oath? It is beyond understanding and a terrible thing that is happening in the country.

All we can do is pray that there will be an awakening of some kind that will turn this country around. The reason that this country has been so much better than the others is because of OUR RESPECT FOR LIFE. NOW THERE IS NO RESPECT FOR LIFE AND IT IS SHOWING UP IN OH SO MANY WAYS.

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