4th of July when I was young was fantastic.  We got up in the am and prepared to go to the parade. We walked across 2 streets to the main street between our town and Canada. The parade was at 10AM and we huge. Bands, cars, fire trucks and all the scouts plus all the veterans. 

After the parade was over we came home and had dinner.  Dinner was always at 12noon.  I should mention that fireworks were legal when I was a kid so in between everything else we set of fire crackers and other explosives.  I think after dinner we went to the town monument downtown.  I believe there were speakers at the town monument, talking about the war, patriotism and how fortunate we were. I imagine they had patriotic songs and sing-alongs.  We went over after and visited my Grandmother who lived near the monument.  She always had soda and ice cream for floats, which my parents couldn’t afford. We spend the afternoon at my Grandmothers, my Great Grandmother was still alive and it was her birthday on July 4th plus my mothers was on July 3rd so we celebrated their birthdays at my grandmother’s house.  We must of eaten supper at my grandmothers and then went home.  My grandmother’s house was a 3 story old house(now torn down) which was very interesting.  There was a glassed in side porch which is were everyone gathered when it was rainy outside. Otherwise we all were gathered on the lawn.   After all that, we went home and waited anxiously for dark.  My father set up the rockets and other fireworks and as soon as it was dark, he set them off.  Once they outlawed fireworks, sometime when I was young, the town started having fireworks for the town, like they do now.  The first one I remember was the next town over in a high school base ball park.  It was fantastic.  Of course, we were used to seeing fireworks because they had them at the fair every year and we could see them from our house. But nothing as good as being there.  They outlawed fireworks because every year kids got burned or injured because of the way they set off the fireworks.  I forgot to mention the big firecrackers that we put under can’s and set them off, and the cans went way up in the air.   Of course, all us kids on the street used to get together and set off bigger stuff we could all enjoy.  You can probably tell, I remember our forth of July as a lot of family fun.


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