“Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of the one who sent me and to finish his work.” Jn 4:34

“To our cost, we sometimes think that obedience to God’s will is an iron cage.  On the contrary, God wills that everyone be saved: set free, made whole, brought to the joy of the kingdom.  Mary pondered and did the will of God not reluctantly, out of a sense of martyred duty, but with her whole heart, in delight.” from Magnificat

Could Adam said NO?

I was  having a conversation with my granddaughter the other day about Adam and Eve. She said “Eve ate the apple and Adam had to too, even though God told them not too”. And you know what, that is what we always assume, Eve told Adam to eat the apple and he agreed.  I TOLD HER “YOU KNOW WHAT? ADAM COULD HAVE SAID NO AND MEANT IT. HE COULD HAVE DONE WHAT WAS RIGHT.”  So I told her to keep that in mind if someone wants her to do something wrong, you can always say no, and mean it, it is not necessary to do what Adam did and follow someone that was wrong.

My lesson for today!!!!!!!!!!!




“RISE AND DREAM” a documentary put out by CFCA about the children sponsored by CFCA sponsors. During the making of the documentary, the teens and their families were constant sources of inspiration. “Ainee is first seen in “Rise and Dream” singing while she washes dishes outside of her home. Her family experienced many hardships, but Ainee and her family always sought to overcome those obstacles with love and determination. Ainee’s comments were wise beyond her years. She said that even though she faced difficulties in life, “There’s a new way or a new day to face. Like a new song.” Visit: find out more about helping those that need help by going to the CFCA site.


This is another outrage that the news media conveniently ignored. ” Congress Legalizes Insider Trading For Congress: While everyone is talking about the Boston bombing, Obama quietly signs a law to repeal the ban on Insider Trading for Congress. ” If it is illegal for others, why is it OK for Congress?… I Am The Tea Party! shared “Pass the Stock Act” I guess there is more on the techdirt site.


Remember Norman Vincent Peale? Read anything from his old books? I had forgotten how good it is to read his writing. I just read one in the Guidepost, Jan, 2013. “DO IT” ………..”I’m not just urging action for action’s sake, although action is almost always better than inaction. No, the reason goes much deeper than that. The reason is that God has a plan for this world of ours, and he’s arranged things so that he requires our help in carrying it out. We are the instruments he has chosen to keep civilization moving toward the goal of a loving and peaceful world. He needs us, just as we need him.”…………INSPIRATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: there’s an app for that!!!!Now You can get more positive thinking tips from Norman Vincent Peale with our new app. Go to: to find out how.

Policies in Govt that need to change

We need to STOP Barack Obama’s War on Faith and Family and Freedom

We need to contact our Representatives and Senators to take action. Ask them to do everything in their power to..

1. Repeal Obama Care-especially the elements of Obama Care that require all Christians and pro-life Americans to purchase health insurance that includes coverage for abortions and requires pro-life doctors and hospitals to perform abortions;

2. Repeal Obama’s so-called “Hate Crimes Law”     which should really be called the “War on Christianity Law” because this law criminalizes those sections of the HOLY BIBLE that call homosexual relations wrong as “HATE LITERATURE”  (Did you all realize this)  I did not until I received this letter from the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

3. Stop the so-called “Media Diversity Doctrine” President Obama is pushing that will require Christian radio stations to give equal time to atheists, Muslims, and other religions(possibility even Satanists) or loose their broadcast license. They are also pushing to have Conservative Talk show stations have to carry as much liberal information as they do conservative. ( this started shortly after Obama was elected the first time.  I was hoping they had decided to drop it but they are working with the FCC to complete it.  It seems the FCC can make the change without a law?)

4. Stop the Obama Justice Dept. from using civil rights laws to harass and bully the Boy Scouts  prohibiting openly gay Scout Masters and for including GOD in its oath.  ( in my opinion, this should be an issue the Boy Scout Council, and parents should be deciding on, it should not involve the Justice Dept. The Scouts did just vote to allow openly gay boys to join, I read in “Newsman Magazine” but that was from pressure from Hollywood, apparently. I do hope this works out for all the boys.)

5.Stop the Obama Justice Dept., the IRS and other federal agencies from abusing their power to persecute Christians and those with whom Obama disagrees.