I wrote to my brother one day, he is 2 years younger than I, but we have about the same memories.

He reminded me of the times every fall  when we would help our father wash and put up all the big storm windows. Then in the spring we would take them all down.  It was hard work but lots of fun working with my father.

My brother also reminded me of all the model airplanes that he and our father worked on and how many hours and hours they spent turning over the motors in the shed.  They were getting them ready to fly out in the field at the end of the street.  I didn’t do much to help with that, it was mostly my fathers chance to relate to (I should say play with) his sons. Once the motors and planes were ready, we all marched out to the field, planes In hand, and they got them ready to fly.  Every other kid on the street followed us out there, it was usually Sunday afternoon,(so a family activity).  The plane wing’s were attached to long wires, and once the plane took off, it was controlled by the handle and wires.  Usually my father, but once in awhile my brother, got to fly the plane.  Then after all the planes had crashed, we headed home, to set the planes up for repairs, to fly again another day.

I remember one Sunday when the plane was flying around and all of a sudden the plane went crashing down towards the ground and we looked and the motor was headed toward the corner of the house at the end of the street.  The motor crashed into the house, not hurting the house but sort of demolishing the motor.

My parents made Sunday, a day of rest, the best day of the week.  It was always family day on Sunday. We always went to church together or with one or the other of our parents.  If my father had any extra money we stopped to pick up donuts.  Then my mother got dinner at noon- and my father. my brother and I did work on the house, either outside or inside, depending what needed to be done.  That included throwing in wood, planting and hoeing the garden, patching up the wall in the stairway, to whatever needed repairing on our 100 year old house.  I had a great life growing up.

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