It’s funny what we remember.  I know most people now days think that potato chips began in the Garden of Eden and have always been with us, not so.  I looked up to see when they started.  One man, a Native American cook, first made the chips for a customer where he worked in a restaurant in N.Y. in 1853.. They were a big hit and it went on from there, First in the North then it spread to the south.

Now, my memories:  A lot of new foods came out after the 2nd world war. Probably because more people had money to buy things, whereas, before and during the war most people, at least in the country and in central Maine, grew, made and canned their own food.  So when companies started packaging potato chips in a big can, like the very big cans of popcorn you see at Christmas, my parents decided they could afford to buy a can of  chips every once in awhile, for a treat.  This was a BIG treat, because we had no money to waste.

Lays Potato Chips were the first name I recognized on the list of manufacturers, but I think the ones available in our stores were Humpty Dumpty.  I even remember where my mother kept them.  In one of the bottom cupboards near the very large storage can of flour.  And yes, people bought flour in 50 lb. bags and then put it in seal tight flour cans.

So you see, we are very lucky in this day and age to buy chips in all different flavors and sizes.  Yummmmm

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