Hi all, I just made an apple pie which got me thinking about the many times my poor mother tried to get me  to help her cook.  I did help, but really wasn’t interested.  So she tried again with my oldest brother.  I have a photo of him sitting on the counter beside the pie crust that was rolled out and he was making what looks like a little pie crust.  My mother used to make jelly tarts with what was left of the pie crust.  They were really good. She rolled a small round piece of crust about the size of the top of a pie. then rolled another the same size and made a hole about the size of the end of your thumb, put that on top of the other after wetting them to stick, and cooked them.  When they were done, she put a spoonful of jelly in the middle.  Those were our snacks.  In those days, believe me, nothing was wasted and our mother made snacks out of anything handy.  Those were the good old days when a mother gave up her own carrier, stayed home and TRIED to show her children how to cook.  I understand a lot of the younger generation of women are staying home, even home schooling and being there for the short time they have before their children grow up.  I admire and am very proud of these women.  They are putting their children first.  Settling for less THINGS and receiving more love, rewards, and accomplishment then they ever could in the world.  And believe me, it is way more work then working in the world of business, but way more rewarding.  I believe, with the help of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, a women who raises her children and takes care of her family can truly say “I DID IT MY WAY.” I ALSO UNDERSTAND THAT SOMETIME WOMEN HAVE TO WORK, NO CHOICE, AND I ADMIRE THOSE WOMEN ALSO, SINCE THEY ARE DOING DOUBLE DUTY AS BEST AS THEY CAN.  I HAVE BEEN IN BOTH PLACES, SO I KNOW WHAT WORKING WOMEN GO THROUGH.   GOD MADE YOU, HE LOVES YOU, AND KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE ALL GOING THROUGH. HE also knows what you give up either way. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


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