By Tiffiny  Guilla, who was a composer and choreographer, was working for a financial corporation near the World Trade Center on Sept. 11,  2001Everytime I have gone to the doctor over this time it is something new-losing my fingertips or feeling the hardening of my left lung…But I am not thinking about all this while it is happening.  I did not even realize how changed I was physically until 2006 when I saw a picture of myself and I said, “Wow, I am deformed!”…

  My life, although successful, was chaotic.  My mother, in the throes of her second bout with cancer, had just moved in with me-with my brother, so we could take care of her.  I had a greater desire for meaning and was ready for any change.  So, on the suggestion of a friend, I went on an interview for this job at a financial corporation in 2000. I was hired not necessarily for my resume but, oddly enough, because I was on an amateur national gold circuit, and my would-be-boss loved golf!  I thought, “Providence is at work here!” As a facilities manager, I did everything from running around with a real estate broker, ……

Two months into the job, I discovered that there was a chapel fifty feet from my office, Our Lady of the Rosary, the Mother Seton shrine, and I made that my second home.  This was an answer to my prayer, which by then was becoming, “Lord, I want you to be my full focus.”  Because I was working there, I was downtown on Sept. 11th.  And that brought this disease, which has put him front and center, as I had asked.

It was almost a relief to know I would have to depend on him now.  God had to take each one of my gifts and talents away one by one for me to see what the real Gift is.  My life is no longer who I know, all my contacts, what I can do-because I can no longer do what I was able to do physically.  Now my life is just Him, on whom I fully depend.  I still work in finance, designing office spaces. I can’t play music anymore, but I still have my voice and I am composing music with the help of friends.  I have to give everything to everyone because I am so dependent.  But if I had not already been in a relationship of dependence on Christ, accepting so much help would be unbearable.  Instead, my friends are signs of Him for me.  I was even given a phenomenal doctor and friend..name Franz.  He has saved me physically more than once-and has helped me emotionally and spiritually as well.

  I know a lot of pain, and getting through the day is truly trying, but I cannot emphasize enough that GOD IS THERE EVERY MINUTE. How can I not accept all this as a gift?!”

by Tiffiny Gulla


I think this is very appropriate for 9/11

Strong is God’s love for us; he is faithful for ever; come, let us give thanks and praise!” {Ps 117:2}

God bless all those who suffered and died and those who are still suffering from injuries or loss, on this day and always.



LORD JESUS, we gather in spirit at the foot of the Cross with Your Mother and the disciple whom YOU loved.

We ask Your pardon for our sins which are the cause of Your death.  We thank You for remembering us in that hour of salvation and for giving us Mary as our Mother.  HOLY VIRGIN, take us under Your protection and open us to the action of the Holy Spirit.

ST. JOHN, obtain for us the grace of taking Mary into our life, as you did, and of assisting her in her mission.

May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit be glorified in all places through the Immaculate Virgin Mary.  Amen”

This is another of my favorites.

From:”My Daily Prayer”, compiled by Rev. John D. Mulligan, S.M.


Yes, I know I am a day late, I’ll post Fridays also, but Thurs. is my favorite:


Lord, thank You for another day within this life of mind.

Give me the strength to live it well, whatever, I may find.

Bestow from Your abundance whatever I may lack.

To use the hours wisely, for I cannot have them back.

Lord, thank You for another day, in which to make amends for little slights or petty words, inflicted on my friends.

For sometimes losing patience with problems that I find.

For seeing faults in other lives, but not the ones in  mine.

Lord, thank You for another chance, in which to try to be a little more deserving of the gifts You’ve given me.

For yesterday is over, and tomorrow’s far away, and I remain committed to the good I do today!

From: My Daily Prayer compiled by: Rev. John D. Mulligan


From “Forever Flowing” by Russian novelist Vasily Grossman (1970):

I used to think freedom was freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of conscience.  But freedom is the whole life of everyone.  Here is what it amounts to:  you have to have the right to sow what you wish to, to make shoes or coats, to bake into bread the flour ground from the grain you have sown, and to sell it or not sell it as you wish;  for the lathe operator, the steelworker, and the artist it’s a matter of being able to live as you wish and work as you wish and not as they order you to.  And in our country there is no freedom–not for those who write books, nor for those who sow grain nor for those who make shoes.

I wonder if Grossman was jailed for writing this book and saying this about his country?  How long before we have this problem?  Can’t happen? They didn’t think so either.