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John J. Miller wrote: “When we talk about football, we usually talk about our favorite teams and the games they play. the biggest ongoing story in the sport right now, however, is something else entirely. It’s not about the Bears vs. the Packers…but rather the controversy over concussions and the long-term health effect of head injuries.” He goes on to describe some injuries and how they are caused and the long term effects of head injuries which are not conclusive.
He says: “football of course, is much bigger than the NFL and its players…../Football’s ranks include about 50,000 men who play in college and four million boys who play for schools or in youth leagues, etc. Even Pres. Obama had to put in his opinion this year, when he called for football “to reduce some of the violence.”

He goes on to talk about the history of football, which is very interesting and you can read the entire article in the Hillsdale College site. A lot of it, I did not realize, especially how the game and the rules got revised and how much safer it is today.

He talks about how: The Progressives who, like today, want to regulate bent on a dream of a world without risk, and those who resisted such an agenda in the name of freedom and responsibility. the Progressives wanted to regulate football out of existence because they believed that its participants were not capable of making their own judgments in terms of costs and benefits. In their higher wisdom, these elites would ban the sport for all.”
“Into this struggle stepped Theodore Roosevelt” He had chronic asthma and his parents tried everything, finally deciding he would simply have to overcome the disease. They encouraged him to go to a gym, and he worked out daily………by the time he was an adult it was largely gone. This experience was deeply connected to Roosevelt’s love of football. He remained a fan as he graduated from Harvard,……and became an increasing visible figure. He wrote: ….but we are tending steadily in America to produce.. sedentary classes.. and from this the athletic spirit has saved us. Of all games I personally like foot ball the best, and I would rather see my boys play it than see them play any other. I have no patience with the people who declaim against it because it necessitates rough play and occasional injuries. the rough play, if confined within manly and honorable limits, is an advantage. It is a good thing to have the personal contact …..” Roosevelt went on to say “I do not give a snap for a good man who can’t fight and hold his own in the world. ” He went on to say that he saw football as more than a diversion. He saw it as a positive social good. When he was recruiting the Rough Riders in 1898, he went out of his way to select men who had played football.

Basically the whole article was to point our that:
“Americans are a self-governing people. We can make our own judgments about whether to drive or play football….although sports can be dangerous, they’re also good for us. They not only make us distinctively American, they make us better Americans.

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One of them, realizing he had been healed, returned, glorifying God in a loud voice; and he fell at the feet of Jesus and thanked him. [Lk 17:15-16]

We are always receivers: we receive from God the gift of natural life, the gift of new life in Christ, and the gift of healing when the wounds of sin prevent us from living that new life.  Let us not merely give thanks but live lives overflowing with the spirit of thanksgiving.


With grateful hearts we pray:

R. O Lord, how great are your works!

For those who are blind to your many gifts: let them see and say: R

For those who suffer from depression and are unable to give thanks: let them see and say: R

For those who mistake your gifts for their own achievements: let them see and say:  R

{from Magnificat}

I heard of a survey once on THE PRESCENCE radio station that showed that children who are grateful do something like 40% {or maybe more} better in school than those who are not grateful.  And, Christian children who are grateful to GOD, do something like 75% better than those who are not grateful.  So teach your children to be grateful for everything we have, especially since it all comes from God in one way or another.



Gurdon is a Children’s Book Reviewer, for the Wall Street Journal.  This article is adapted from a speech delivered at Hillsdale College, March 12, 2013  In part she wrote:

“On June 4, 2011, the number one trending topic on Twitter was the Anthony Weiner scandal.  I happen to remember that, because the number two topic on Twitter that day-almost as frenzied, thought a lot less humorous-had to do with an outrageous, intolerable attack on Young Adult literature…by me. Entitled “Darkness Too Visible,” my article discussed the increasingly dark current that runs through books classified as YA, for Young Adult-books aimed at readers between 12 and 18 years of age-a subset that has, in the four decades since Young Adult became a distinct category in fiction, become increasingly lurid, grotesque, profane, sexual, and ugly. “

“Books show us the world, and in that sense, too many books for adolescents act like funhouse mirrors, reflecting hideously distorted portrayals of life.  Those of us who have grown up understand that the teen years can be fraught and turbulent-and for some kids, very unhappy-but at the same time we know that in the arc of human life, these years are brief.  Today, too many novels for teenagers are long on the turbulence and short on a sense of perspective.  Nor does it help that the narrative style that dominates Young Adult books is the first person present tense—“I, I, I, and Now, now, now.  Writers use this device to create a feeling of urgency, to show solidarity with the reader and to make the reader feel that he or she is occupying the persona of the narrator.  The trouble is that the first person present tense also erects a kind of verbal prison, keeping young readers in the turmoil of the moment just as their hormones tend to do.  This narrative style reinforces the blinkers teenagers often seem to be wearing, rather than drawing them out and into the open.”

She went on to talk about these “dark” books and how they affect our children.  “when some people criticized her review and a school librarian in Idaho wrote to her colleagues in Gurdon’s defense:  “You are naïve if you think young people can read a dark and violent book that sits on the library shelves and not believe that that behavior must be condoned by the adults in their school lives.”  She said, “What kind of books are we talking about?  Let me give you three examples–but with warning……..”

In other words, what is in the library under Young adult, might not be what you want your kids to be reading.  They will find out soon enough the bad side of life and what happens.  She reviews the three books, and basically they are about cruelty, rape, kidnapping and drugs and horror.  That’s just in one book.  Another consist of explicit and obscene descriptions by a 17 yr  old female narrator….In other words, even you might not want to waste your time living in the dark when there are such joyous and encouraging books to read.  I believe this applies also to T. V. and some of the shows aimed at young adults.  We wonder why there is so much death, suicide, bullying in our world now?  She suggests that some kids are actually living these kinds of lives, and if so, it would be much better for them to be reading interesting, exciting and encouraging books that give them something to look forward to.  If young people who are enjoying a good life, read these books about cruelty, rape, etc. they are more likely to think they are missing out on something, and give it a try.


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I know I haven’t written much on politics lately, but I have a bunch of things to post lateR.  What makes me the most burned up is the most recent cave in by the Republican Party by allowing the Affordable Care Act to be funded, after all that protesting, and time consuming voting for two weeks.

Of course, Obama and the Democrats did their absolute best to scare everyone to put the pressure on the Conservatives.  The house passed several good bills and offered to fund the Govt. several times as long as it didn’t include Obamacare but that wasn’t good enough for the President and the Senate.  They had to push until they got what the wanted, never mind what more than haLF the country and the House wanted.  It is one more time that shows that Obama and the Democrats in the Senate and some liberal Republicans could care less what is good for our Country.  All they care about is what they want.  Never mind the Constitution and limited Govt., they want total control of our lives. Even if our Great Grand Children have to pay and pay for the debt they are creating.

Of course, then, as the Democrats and Obama knew they would, the wimpy Republicans gave in again, leaving all of us out on a limb, stuck with Obamacare.   At least the true Conservatives in the House and Senate continued to protest, even if they were outnumbered with the wimps.  Believe me, when elections come up, I will choose good strong conservatives that have character, morals and values, to vote for.  Of course, there may not be any of those from my State.  My representatives and senators do not represent me as far as I can see.  It would be nice if good Conservatives, maybe sponsored by the Tea Party, were to run against them.  Maybe someday…………….

Oh, about the Tea Party.  Does anyone realize that before the Republican Party came along there was the Whig Party?  The Whig party was basically like most of the Old Boy Republicans are now.  Say they stand for something, but vote for nothing that might upset the moderates.  The Republican party started because the Whigs would not vote against slavery, so some people started the Republican Party.  That is how Abraham Lincoln happened to be running as a Republican. He changed parties to run against slavery.  Perhaps it’s time to change again to the “TEA PARTY”


I was watching an add on T.V. the other day, it was to advertise a car, but was about a dad showing his kids how to drive.  When I was 18 there was no driver training, at least in my town.  Our parents or friends showed us how to drive.  My father got the job with me.  Of course, we had only owned a station wagon for 3 or 4 years and that was our first and only family car, so my father was a little cautious about his oldest daughter learning to drive in their only vehicle.

We started in the drive way going back and forth, showing me how to shift, back up, and hit the brake.  Once I was proficient in the driveway, I got to go out on the street, then down into town to the testing area.  It makes me laugh every time I remember him yelling, “Hit the brake, hit the brake, watch out for that car.”  He also made me back into parking spaces on the main street until I got parking down perfectly with that old station wagon.   I’m sure there were other things he got excited about while I was driving, but it is just a really nice memory of being with and spending time with my father, whom died over ten years ago. 

Oh, I did get my license first time out.  Not only that, he and my mother decided to take a trip to Canada on the day I was to take my driving test.  I had to take the neighbor’s car, which was an automatic, not standard like what I learned on.  The neighbor gave me a crash course on how to drive it, just before they brought me down to the Testing Station.  I did have to back into a parking space, but it was an empty parking lot at the court house, and I aced the test.  I still thank my father for being such a good teacher.

Thanks Dad. I love you.



Bright smile, loud coos

The baby babbled in his crib.

Mother with twisted brow

Only saw the right, clubbed foot.


Peaceful sheen upon her face

Daughter lay injured in bed.

Father with twisted brow

Focused on the bandaged head.


Wedded bliss of sixty years

The widow, cold in polished box.

The husband with twisted brow

Mourned his loss, nor looked ahead.


Serene amidst the smoking ruins

Her homestead smoldered, memories now.

Twin sister with twisted brow

Anguished, hopelessly in fear.


The Son crucified on man-made tree

Spoke “it is finished”-victory.

Do we look with twisted brow

Or is his peace ours to stay?

                                   BY, JED N. SNYDER, Copyrighted.



Fall and raking leaves always reminds me of my childhood and the fun we had at my house raking and playing in the leaves.  I may have mentioned this before, but I lived in a big old house with lots of big old maple trees around the yard. Of course, as soon as it started getting cold, the leaves started falling, and falling and falling. and we raked and raked and raked. We kids always had fun raking leaves with my Dad and sometime my Mom because once the leaves were raked into a big pile in the front yard, we could jump in them from the porch railing which was at least 8 feet of the ground.  Once we go tired of jumping and the leaves started breaking up and getting old, then we had a big bon fire and we could all rake leaves into the fire.  In those days, you didn’t need a fire permit, they just expected you to have enough common sense not to burn on windy and dry days.  Plus there were always plenty of people around, especially kids, since my house was the gathering place.  Then, and maybe I mentioned this, it was time to play football in the front yard.  We couldn’t play in the back, because that was where the garden was.  At first, it was just my father against my brother and I, but as we grew older, other kids on the street joined in.  Our last game would be at Thanksgiving after dinner and a break and anyone who wanted to, could play.  Eventually, as my sister and 2nd brother and more friends came along, it got wilder and bigger.  Then we added 3 more brothers, and we had to take the game to the field at the end of our dead end street.  And of course, some of their friends came also.  My father played until he was about 80. When my kids came alone, and we were able to go home for thanksgiving they all played also.  You will be interested to know that a few times, we even made the papers.  And it game is still going on every Thanksgiving, in the afternoon, with all the folks between around age 7 to age 70, who want to play, taking part.  Since our Thanksgiving gathering usually involves about 50 people, our large family plus girl friends and boy friends, etc, there are usually at least 25 willing to play.  We no longer meet at our old home, even though my mom still lives there, but we usually gather at a local room at a restaurant and then go to a family home and nearby field for football and desert.  FAMILY IS SO IMPORTANT IN OUR LIVES, THE CELEBRATE THE GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPEN TO YOU, AND FORGIVE THE STUPID THINGS YOU DO, AND GIVE YOU COMPASION AND PRAYER WHEN THINGS GO WRONG.   FRIENDS COME AND GO, BUT FAMILY (USUALLY) ARE THERE FOR YOU.


“For present-day humanity is sick and incapable of handling its affairs-it can no longer cope with life, So a new approach is necessary, a more intensive method.  Humans must be shown how to help themselves; they must be spiritually and physically strengthened in order to rise to full stature.  This involves education toward self-reliance, responsibility, judgment, conscience; education that will instill good-neighborliness and eliminate the countless forms of superficial thinking and MASS-MINDEDNESS; education toward transcendence, purposeful education toward perfect adulthood, education toward GOD.  All these things are intimately connected and you cannot have one without the others.  Only a person with a certain SPIRITUAL AWARENESS, however small, is fit to accept the WORD OF GOD AND FULFILL THE DIVINE ORDER IN HIS EVERYDAY LIFE. For no order can be achieved except in accordance with GOD’S law.  The new order of the world must be based on the historical fulfillment of the order of God, otherwise it will be just another edifice on shifting sand doomed to destruction like the rest.  Human regeneration must come from within according to the pattern which defines us as being created in God’s image.  OTHERWISE HISTORY WILL REPEAT ITSELF, AND WE SHALL BE FACED WITH FURTHER MADNESS AND CONFUSION. 

Sound like something we need in this day and time?  This was written by Father Delp in 1945. he was a German Jesuit priest condemned to death by the Nazis in Berlin, Germany.