This article is from Hillsdale College’s IMPRIMIS , Jan. 2013, Col. 42, No.1

….”Cicero wrote:   ‘Not to know what happened before you were born, that is to be always a boy, to be forever a child.’

“In a sense, historical understanding-knowledge of what happened before you were born-is primary to all realms of knowledge.  Science is…..Literature is…..Mathematics … The arts are…

Historical understanding in all these areas humanizes, matures, and uplifts the soul.

Too many citizens of our country today are, in Cicero’s terms, forever children.  If knowledge of the past matures the soul, it is not something we can afford to marginalize of sideline.  Unfortunately, the hard work of gaining knowledge, eloquence, and wisdom is all too often skirted by teacher and student alike.  Because we have neglected knowledge of the past and the great tradition of historical understanding, we live in a cul;ture of Peter Pans, flying free in Veverland with no-past and no future, only the ever-present game, the mock battle against pirates or Indians.  Wendy’s stories, with their plot of real challenges to be overcome, only reveal to us our immaturity, the fact that we are forever children who won’t grow up.

The author says, “In my short professional tenure as a teacher, I have had the privilege of seeing students mature through coming to know the past……..I have witnessed the change in my students’ relationships with one another: a more mature thoughtfulness, a deeper sensitivity. Nothing is more satisfying for a teacher than seeing how interaction and with the stories of the past matures the souls of his students.”

“As G.K. Chesterton said in another context, the great tradition has not been tried and found wanting; it has been tried, found difficult, and duly abandoned……;”

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This title and letter from our pastor appeared in our Sunday bulletin a week after the Plan B abortion pill entered the marketplace for all ages during the first part of June, 2013.

He starts out quoting a reading from Zechariah. This scripture readings “Present us with our Lord Jesus telling His disciples that He is going to give His life for us and that we are going to learn from Jesus how to live in Him by following Him.  The cross is probably not something that most of us think about often or in detail.”

“Last week our government announced that it is allowing the Plan B abortion pill to enter the marketplace for all ages.  The implications of this decision are far reaching.  For example, do parents have any say through medical or educational institutions to stop this from being given to their children?  The physical, psychological and spiritual damage will continue to affect entire generations.  This will not stop until we say ‘enough’ “

“My point is that it will take a great courage to look at the devastation caused bgy artificial birth control and abortion; to look on ‘the ones that we have pierced’ (he is referring to what was done to Jesus) through our inaction.  In the most basic language, it is just awful.

Please have a look at this web site: www.lifesitenews.com and put in the search words ‘studies’ or ‘statistics’.  There are a wide variety of studies.  Many are done by some of the most respected medical institutions in the world.  How is it that we have not been told about the huge increase in cancer rates, to name only one of the variety of physical side-effects.  How can this happen?”

He ends his letter this way:

“I will pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and petition” God has a plan.  You and I must follow Jesus.”




I know where I was to the day and almost hour.  I was living in Constantina, Spain.  My children were about 1 1/2 and almost 3.  In those days in Spain, we could afford a maid because they were very inexpensive and it was necessary since I was just learning Spanish, and this was a little town where very few spoke English. 

We had a young maid, late teens, who came from a big family, was very good with children and knew how to keep the old Spanish homes clean of spiders, ants and such.  Constantina is in the southern part of Spain.  She was learning English as I was learning Spanish, so it was interesting to say the least.  She came in to work  the morning after Kennedy was killed and asked if I knew what happened, I didn’t. She told us Pres. Kennedy was killed.  Spain was predominately Spanish at that time and loved Kennedy.  Since we had no phone or radio (yes, you can live without them) I went over to a friends house, another lady who’s husband was in the Air Force, and she confirmed that they had heard it on the Air Force Radio station.   All the Air Force were notified and went to work immediately when it happened, so the guys were all at work. 

What was really wonderful about the situation were the Spanish. Not only were they very considerate, they mourned as we did.  On the day of the funeral, all the Spanish TV stations carried the funeral,  we went to a Spanish couples house nearby and watched with them.  It was a sad time for the U.S. and the world, but the fact that the Spanish in that town were in mourning for him also, made us feel less lonely.

God Bless America and Spain


I have a pile of concerns staring me in the face and I am going to list them so I can throw them away and start over.  I have written to congressmen/women on some of them.  Also, you all can check on the internet to see up dates on what is happening.

FROM ACLJ:  The IRS scandal continues to escalate.  They have filed a massive lawsuit against the IRS, biggest in their history representing 41 organizations whose tax-exempt status was unconstitutionally delayed…..This lawsuit is critically important not only because of the risk the IRS now represents to every American, but also because of the ramifications if they fail: a government which can attack citizens in this way could attack anyone’s church, business or family.  The ACLJ will pursue this case to the Supreme Court if necessary.

ABORTION PILL MANDATE: SUPREME COURT MUST DECIDE. Again the ACLJ is representing seven business whose owners object on religious grounds to paying for abortion inducing drugs.  This will also ultimately be decided at the Supreme Court. This is an incredible violation of religious freedom guaranteed by the Constitution.

DEFAMATION OF RELIGIONS RESOLUTION (DOR) being promoted by Islamic nations.  I wrote about this yesterday. The ACLJ is fighting to be sure our Christian faith does not become a crime. In recent weeks Christians have been notoriously subjected to violence in Egypt and elsewhere. Christians are being treated as worse than criminals in places all around the world.  You probably already know that because of a massive public outcry, the Govt cut off funding and weapons to Egypt. The ACLJ stays involved in this whole issue.  If you want more info: www.ACLJ.org.


Infanticide, the taking of the lives of living, breathing babies, now seems to be the policy of Planned Parenthood, America’s biggest abortionist organization. the ACLJ is involved in putting an end to this.


The ACLJ continues fighting back against attacks by atheists-they are working to preserve the Ground Zero cross, the Jesus statue in Montana, a monument depicting the Ten Commandments in Utah and more.

Then there’s the ACLJ’s work in support of the free speech of pro-life sidewalk counselors.


OBAMA’S MARTIAL LAW DECREE. the tea party sent out a survey on Obama’s Martial Law Decree:  in part it stated:

“On March 16, 2012, President Obama signed an Executive Order giving himself emperor-like power to declare Martial Law for whatever reason he desires. Never before in the history of our nation has a President claimed this kind of power for himself without any kind of legislative authority from the Congress.  Not even during the dark days of World War II was this extreme executive power claimed.  The state of our liberty, and indeed our very nation, in is mortal jeopardy!”  I personally do not understand why our Senators and House members have not overturned this decree and I have asked them.  I think you all should also.



From Senator Rand Paul: Just hours after his re-election President Obama’s Admin. announced it was doubling down on efforts for finally RAM the United Nations’ so-called “Small Arms Treaty: down American gun owners’ throats.

You can read more about this on line, probably on the National Asso for Gun Right’s site. It is not a good thing and will override the 2nd amendment.  For one example: “Creation of an INTERNATIONAL gun registry, setting the stage for a full-scale gun CONFISCATION.”  and in my opinion only the civilized nations will abide by this treaty if it should pass, you know the Middle East would not even attempt to register their guns.  Think, Afghanistan or Iran. Please follow up on this and write to your SENATORS, since the Senate has to ratify all UN treaties.


Well that’s it for today, but there is more, stay tuned and please get active on these issued.  Get involved to save our Freedoms granted to us by Our Constitution and Bill of Rights.





“Whenever anyone bears the pain of unjust suffering because of consciousness of God, that is a grace.”

“Every Christian call is in some way a call to persecution and martyrdom.  In many places in the world in our day Christians are persecuted and in danger of death. Each one of us is called to die daily to self and to imitate the suffering Christ. Is our faith strong enough that it can withstand persecution and hold fast in the face of death?”

“Intercessions:  Our strength is in God alone and so we pray:

R: Give us courage, Lord.

When others challenge our faith,-may we not fear to stand up for the truth. R

When we fear suffering for our faith,-let us not be tempted to compromise our beliefs. R

When we see other Christians neglect their religious duties,-may we not be tempted to settle for mediocrity. R”

This is why I believe it is right and proper to mention religion and Christianity on Face Book or any social site.  Think about it, Political Correctness is destroying this Nation.  If people can’t discuss important issues, how can we come to any solutions????  I have the obligation to speak about my faith, it is part of my life.  I believe a good many problems we have in this Country could be solved with a believe in God and the love of Jesus Christ.




The Supreme Court today upheld the Texas Law that says that in order for a doctor to perform abortions he/she must have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.  This has caused several abortion clinics to close.  This bill was actually to protect women from having an abortion at an abortion center with an unqualified doctor or no doctor at all, especially if complications arouse and the women needed a hospital.

The case isn’t finished though, there are still other parts of the bill for the Supreme Court to consider. At least more babies and women will be protected and who knows how many lives may be saved.  Keep praying.  God never looses, in his own time.


Ok, it is good for us to laugh and after the sobering notice about what the U.N. and the Islamists are attempting to do, I feel we need a joke.

Commedian Howie Mandel no doubt honed his skills while working at one of his first jobs–operating a ride at an amusement park.

“Make sure the orange safety harness over your left shoulder is securely fastened,” he would warn riders. “We’re going upside down in five seconds.”

This announcement would invariable be met with abject panic.  “There was,” he later explained, “NO ORANGE SAFETY HARNESS.”

Have a terrific day.



I received an Urgent Memorandum from the ACLJ.– RE: SHARE YOUR FAITH, GO TO JAIL.

I’m not making this up. Of all places we need to worry about, you wouldn’t expect the U.N.

A simple vote at the United Nations could make you a criminal if you share your faith.

Radical Islamists are pushing, at the U.N, to pass a “DEFAMATION OF RELIGIONS (DOR) resolution.  It looks like a reasonable ban on religious discrimination, a global guarantee of religious freedom BUT: it’s a deception, and it is deadly dangerous. If you share your unique Christian faith…if you assert that faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, you become an “enemy of Islam,” and you risk arrest, imprisonment, even death.

The resolution would effectively make it illegal to share your faith if you’re a Christian, while simultaneously giving Islam privileged status. 


The DOR resolution will effectively apply “blasphemy laws,: already on the books in Muslim nations, to you and your family, and subject Christians like you and those you know to some of the most brutal aspects of Islamic Shariah law.

A U>N> vote could take place at any moment. The ACLJ has been at the forefront of this battle from the beginning. They have dispatched their international team to the U.N. They enclosed a petition to Mr. Ban Ki-moon, U.N. Sec General and John Kerry, Sec of State.  Telling them, “the measure stands in stark contrast to the International Bill of Human Rights’ expression of religious freedom. Telling Kerry to instruct Rashad Hussain and Ambassador Samantha Power to oppose, not approve this resolution.  They ended by saying to Kerry, ” We urge you to stand for life and freedom all around the world at every opportunity. Let the U.N. focus on improving existing international law to protect the religious rights and free practice thereof for all individuals.”

PLEASE GO TO:  www.ACLJ.org to see what else they have to say about this resolution and how you can help.  I am going to write to my senators for one thing and return the petition.  We cannot allow the U.N. to interfere with our freedom of religion, such as it is, in this Country or any other free Countries. They should be trying to free Christians from persecution with the laws already in place, not make new laws giving the Islamists even more reason to kill Christians.


Something just came up that I want to talk about.  I wonder if people really realize what a COMPLIMENT it is when some one asks a person to join them and become a Christian.  While anyone can accept Jesus Christ and give their live to him.  that doesn’t just happen. You need grace and to join Christ’s church, someone has to invite you, and that has to be another Christian. Jesus needs to give you the grace and opportunity, but in order to join His Church, He has to give you the grace and another Christian has to be there to give you the opportunity to learn how to join. Christ’s Church is His people, not just an individual.  Does anyone realize what a loving compliment and privilege it is to be asked?

Now, if a person is not interested, it is easy enough to say “No thank you.”  Or, “Thank you for thinking of me, but not now.”  This is how you would answer a person if that person offered you a box of chocolate and you are on a diet, and this is way more important, some of us believe your life may depend on it.

Now, I may have not explained this perfectly, but you will get the idea.

God bless you all.


Yes folks there is a Chicken, Alaska and the EPA found it.  Then they proceeded to raid the town’s gold mines during the night, in full battle dress vests, helmets guns and all, and when the mines came to their areas in the morning the EPA was there. There is and issue about dirty water being processes after it is used, before it is released again.  All they really had to do is stop by and ask, it turns out there was nothing wrong and they had more men then the town had population.

The Alaska Senators and the Govt. want to know why the EPA is acting like the Secret Police. I would like to know also, wouldn’t you?  Why do we have an unauthorized army in this country. The Constitution allows for city, state and National Guard not the Secret Police or gustapo.  Is this Russia or Germany now?

Write to your Senators and ask them why Obama has an army in full battle dress? The EPA is supposed to monitor air, ground and water quality, when did they get the right to be an army.

Also, is Obama going to use them when he declares Marshal Law.  Did you know Obama passed his own law giving him the right to declare Marshal Law?  And when Marshal Law is enforced the Congress in out of force.

Write to your Senators, join the Alaska Senators and start asking questions.