I don’t think I have told too many people this but looking back I have to laugh at my innocence when I was probably around 12.  I was what we used to call a Tomboy. I enjoyed playing outside, sports including basket ball, football, and other sports that boys tend to like.  I also liked playing with dolls and dressing up so I was comfortable in both worlds.  Probably I got to do both types of things was because I was the first born child and got to spend a lot of time with my father.

Anyhow, when I was around twelve, I may have been thinking about boys and talking about them with my girlfriends, but I was not ready to be kissed, by any means.  There was a boy in our neighborhood gang that was about 2 years older than I was. 

I don’t know about now, but in those days, sticking your tongue out at a boy, meant you wanted to kiss him.  I still remember sticking my tongue out at him one night when he came to see if I could come out and talk, but I was cooking supper and couldn’t leave.

Apparently that was a signal, because a few night later when I was walking back from the field at the end of the street after sliding or skiing, he was waiting behind a tree, jumped out as I went by, pulled me behind the tree and kissed me.  To be honest, it was gross, to be kissed by a boy I had been playing with all my life and had not thought of in anyway but a friend.  Anyhow, I pushed him away, yelled at him to leave me alone and went home.  I have to admit, I washed my mouth out with soap, it was so gross.  And no, I did not tell my parents. 

Why, you are talking about two kids that had about 5 layers of cloths on in a Maine winter, and a girl that was as strong as the guy was, so I chalked it up to experience and went on as before.  We never were friends again like we were before that kiss.  He was a couple of grades ahead of me in school, and we started hanging out with different kids, but we never talked about that kiss.  Oh, by the way he lived almost across the street, so I did see him almost every day.

That didn’t turn me off from kissing, it wasn’t a bad experience really and a couple of years later a friend of his came to visit for the summer, and then his friend and I were attracted to each other and that did end with a kiss, before he left for Conn.  We wrote a few times, and that was the end, I never saw him again.  But I have always remembered that relationship, (if   you could call a few words and one kiss as a relationship) as a fun beginning to my teenage years.

I have to point out that even though some girls matured early in those days, I had more fun playing sports and talking to girlfriends than I did with guys.  I was in high school before I started enjoying the boy-girl relationships, but that is another story.

Oh, what fun it is to remember growing up.  Next time, I’ll tell you all about my last neighborhood football game.



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