Yes folks there is a Chicken, Alaska and the EPA found it.  Then they proceeded to raid the town’s gold mines during the night, in full battle dress vests, helmets guns and all, and when the mines came to their areas in the morning the EPA was there. There is and issue about dirty water being processes after it is used, before it is released again.  All they really had to do is stop by and ask, it turns out there was nothing wrong and they had more men then the town had population.

The Alaska Senators and the Govt. want to know why the EPA is acting like the Secret Police. I would like to know also, wouldn’t you?  Why do we have an unauthorized army in this country. The Constitution allows for city, state and National Guard not the Secret Police or gustapo.  Is this Russia or Germany now?

Write to your Senators and ask them why Obama has an army in full battle dress? The EPA is supposed to monitor air, ground and water quality, when did they get the right to be an army.

Also, is Obama going to use them when he declares Marshal Law.  Did you know Obama passed his own law giving him the right to declare Marshal Law?  And when Marshal Law is enforced the Congress in out of force.

Write to your Senators, join the Alaska Senators and start asking questions.


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