The Supreme Court today upheld the Texas Law that says that in order for a doctor to perform abortions he/she must have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.  This has caused several abortion clinics to close.  This bill was actually to protect women from having an abortion at an abortion center with an unqualified doctor or no doctor at all, especially if complications arouse and the women needed a hospital.

The case isn’t finished though, there are still other parts of the bill for the Supreme Court to consider. At least more babies and women will be protected and who knows how many lives may be saved.  Keep praying.  God never looses, in his own time.

2 thoughts on “PRO LIFE 1, PLANNED PARENTHOOD, 0

  1. Yes! What a cause for cheer. We pro-lifers have to keep praying, and keep reasoning with people. Today, President Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Gloria Steinem. There’s a tough battle ahead, but victory will be ours because we have on our side God, and morally and logically consistent* arguments.


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