This title and letter from our pastor appeared in our Sunday bulletin a week after the Plan B abortion pill entered the marketplace for all ages during the first part of June, 2013.

He starts out quoting a reading from Zechariah. This scripture readings “Present us with our Lord Jesus telling His disciples that He is going to give His life for us and that we are going to learn from Jesus how to live in Him by following Him.  The cross is probably not something that most of us think about often or in detail.”

“Last week our government announced that it is allowing the Plan B abortion pill to enter the marketplace for all ages.  The implications of this decision are far reaching.  For example, do parents have any say through medical or educational institutions to stop this from being given to their children?  The physical, psychological and spiritual damage will continue to affect entire generations.  This will not stop until we say ‘enough’ “

“My point is that it will take a great courage to look at the devastation caused bgy artificial birth control and abortion; to look on ‘the ones that we have pierced’ (he is referring to what was done to Jesus) through our inaction.  In the most basic language, it is just awful.

Please have a look at this web site: www.lifesitenews.com and put in the search words ‘studies’ or ‘statistics’.  There are a wide variety of studies.  Many are done by some of the most respected medical institutions in the world.  How is it that we have not been told about the huge increase in cancer rates, to name only one of the variety of physical side-effects.  How can this happen?”

He ends his letter this way:

“I will pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and petition” God has a plan.  You and I must follow Jesus.”




    • That is not the point. The actual interfering with nature and the natural process of conception would be what is wrong and a serious sin. If the zygote is meant to develop into an embryo, it will and if not it will be lost. That, along with the fact that the interruption of conception is a serious sin, it is also very dangerous and the percentage of a woman developing cancer goes up the younger she is. I believe for a young woman, I read somewhere that her chance of developing cancer is around 40% there are some statistics on the web site: http://www.womanofgrace.org. I believe that is correct. It is the Woman of Grace web site. The other problem is that encouraging a young women to have sex, then use the pill, or any birth control pill without telling them how extremely dangerous it is, is very wrong. And the warning on the bottle or from a doctor to a 13 year old girl, in not very effective. Also, I just read that STDs are at an all time high, and encouraging young women to engage in sex before marriage or before they are even mature enough to make a sensible decision is irresponsible and dangerous.

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