I know where I was to the day and almost hour.  I was living in Constantina, Spain.  My children were about 1 1/2 and almost 3.  In those days in Spain, we could afford a maid because they were very inexpensive and it was necessary since I was just learning Spanish, and this was a little town where very few spoke English. 

We had a young maid, late teens, who came from a big family, was very good with children and knew how to keep the old Spanish homes clean of spiders, ants and such.  Constantina is in the southern part of Spain.  She was learning English as I was learning Spanish, so it was interesting to say the least.  She came in to work  the morning after Kennedy was killed and asked if I knew what happened, I didn’t. She told us Pres. Kennedy was killed.  Spain was predominately Spanish at that time and loved Kennedy.  Since we had no phone or radio (yes, you can live without them) I went over to a friends house, another lady who’s husband was in the Air Force, and she confirmed that they had heard it on the Air Force Radio station.   All the Air Force were notified and went to work immediately when it happened, so the guys were all at work. 

What was really wonderful about the situation were the Spanish. Not only were they very considerate, they mourned as we did.  On the day of the funeral, all the Spanish TV stations carried the funeral,  we went to a Spanish couples house nearby and watched with them.  It was a sad time for the U.S. and the world, but the fact that the Spanish in that town were in mourning for him also, made us feel less lonely.

God Bless America and Spain

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