By Earle A. Howard, Sr. HQ’s Co. 1st BN, 23 Infantry, 2nd Division.

Twas the week before Christmas, and quite still on the front,

In a holding position, held almost a month.

The men were all resting, in trenches, their beds,

With visions of families, at home, in their heads.

The night was quite calm, except for some shells

That would burst here and there to remind us quite well.

The war was yet with us, the fighting not done,

For the Germans were stubborn and would not be outdone.

So they gathered their armies, and this would divulge

What was known to our men as the “Battle of the Bulge.”

It was still on this night, the 16th December

But one all the Allies would always remember.

For out on the snow there arose such a clatter

We awoke from our foxholes to see what was the matter.

When what to our fearful eyes did appear,

An army of Germans with tanks for their spears.

The onslaught was fierce and hard to contain

And many of our boys died fighting in vain

The Allied Commanders soon saw the huge hole

The Nazis were making and soon we were told

To fall back and regroup, stand fast as it could.

The week was so tense and the weather so foggy

The Air Force was unable to fly any Sorties

We finally go high ground on Elsenborn Ridge.

As the Germans tried desperately to break through

The ridge our men fought endlessly for five days and five nights

And we held our ground in spite of their might.

The next day was Christmas and lo and behold.

The battle of the Bulge was nine days old

With the Nazis defeated in their desperate plight,

Our men thanked God for our strength and our might.

For us who survived, we will never forget

Our buddies who fought in the onslaught they met.

though the enemy fought hard, they soon found their fate

For the Elsenborn Ridge line never did break.

As the battle calmed down, and the holiday neared

The men who fought boldly would kneel down in tears

And thank God with the hope they would see the New Year.

Another battle was won as we held fast our ground; the ‘second

Division’ was set to rebound

To pursue to the end of this Great War

And go home to their families in peace as before.

Though the winter was cold and the snow very deep

We tried once again to get a little sleep,

Our thoughts were of home on this Holy Night

Just hoping to say next year with fondly delight

‘Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.’



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