This was only about 40 years ago or so.  My Granddaughter is now on a road trip.  It brings back memories.  My girl friend and I went on a road trip from Omaha, Nebraska to Wisconsin to here uncle’s camp.  It was in a beautiful area.  But the road trip wasn’t just 2 friends, it was my 4 children and her 2. It was very interesting and we had a great time.  I will tell you more another day. 



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    • I am a little slow reading my followers comments, and just read your blog about road trips. I totally agree with you. Road trips are terrific, I have taken my family on many, across the country, etc. experiences galore. I happen to think about the road trips because my Grand daughter and her girl friends were taking one to another friends for New Years. We have talked since and she and her friends made life long memories. I like your blog.

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