Today in all  Catholic dioceses of the United States of America, January 22 shall be observed as a particular day of prayer for the full restoration of the legal guarantee of the right to life and of penance for violations to the dignity of the human person committed through acts of abortion.

From Magnificat:  “Our life is not our invention.  It is a gift from God. He had the courage to trust us so much that he places the gift of life, the gift of existence, into our hands, and gave us all the necessary tools to live it well.  Perhaps we never considered life as God’s initiative.  Often times we think that we are born because our parents wanted us, or by chance, or for other human and natural reasons………………….

We must convince ourselves, first of all, that God wanted to give you, give me, and give to those around us the wonderful gift of life.  It is a gift to be discovered, welcomed, protected, and loved.  If we do not discover this gift in ourselves, we are not capable of recognizing and defending the lives of others, of our own children, and of those we claim to love.  If you do not savor a fine vintage wine, how can you insist that someone else taste it.?

We must believe that life does not come by chance.  It is not ours; it is a gift from God, born from his heart that is Love, it is a gift that we must begin to unwrap, just like when we are given a beautifully wrapped gift.  With curiosity, we tear open the package to find out what is on the inside and why it was given to us, a reason that undoubtedly will give us great joy…

Life is not born from the encounter between a sperm and an ovum, nor is it only the result of a love story between mom and dad.  It is born from the only source of love who is God, who is the source of life, and who has called us to be collaborators with him in bringing forth life.  We all love life for what we see, feel, and touch, but life does not belong to us; it belongs to someone else, we belong to someone who wants to take care of us and who wants us to discover the true flavor of life, for he knows that only in this way will we be truly happy.” by Mother Elvira Petrozzi(she is the foundress of Communita Cenacolo, which welcomes the lost and desperate in sixty-three houses in fifteen countries.

As far as I can see, this article says it all very clearly. God bless you women out there who have the courage to carry your child for 9 months and give your very special child of God a good home and life, even if it is inconvenient and very difficult for you.  God will give you very special love and  blessings because you are taking such good care of his children.


Pope Francis is the first Pope from outside the West in 1200 years which can’t help but beckon Catholics to a more global perspective. One arena where that impact seems clear is religious freedom, especially when it concerns mounting anti-Christian violence around the world. 

Catholic leaders in the US have invested tremendous energy lately fighting what they see as a “war on religion” in America, symbolized by the contraception mandates imposed by the Obama administration as part of healthcare reform.

But any “war on religion” here is a metaphorical one, fought in legislatures and courthouses and on cable news talk shows.

In other global neighborhoods, the war is violent, not verbal, and statistics say Christians are its primary victims.  One estimate pegs the share of global acts of religious persecution directed at Christians at 80 percent, while the low-end guess for the number of Christians killed for the faith around the world every year is 9,000, which works out to one new martyr every hour……….

In the Francis era, this global war seems more likely to be what comes to mind when Christian leaders think about religious freedom.

The new Pope said so himself on Sept. 25,…………………….the Pope asked, “When I think or hear it said that many Christians are persecuted and give their lives for their faith, does this touch my heart or not?”

…………………….Cardinal timothy Dolan of New York, devoted his final address as president of the bishops’ conference on Nov 11 to urging his fellow bishops to speak up on behalf of persecuted Christians worldwide.

(If it touches your heart, pray and speak up..) 



I heard an explanation for why Catholics believe in the Immaculate Conception, meaning that we believe that Mary was conceived without Original Sin.  Mary actually told the children one time when she appeared in Lourdes or Fatima that she was the Immaculate Conception.  However, after many years of discussion in the early years of the Catholic Church, the Church Fathers came to the conclusion that there is no way that Jesus would have been born to a woman who had the original sin.  Simply because Jesus grew inside of her using her blood, etc. to develop as a normal little child.  It’s harder to explain then when I heard it, but this is basically it.  Jesus is God and man, as man he developed in Mary’s womb with Mary’s blood, etc and there is no way God would have allowed that to happen in a woman with Original Sin.  I am sure there are other reasons also, but that seems to me to make a lot of sense.

Happy, Holy, New Year