I just read an article in the Hillsdale College Imprimis for Dec. 2013 called A Rebirth of Liberty and Learning. “There is a proper way to educate and there is a proper way to govern, and they are both known. Today we do these things in a different way, which presents a serious and perhaps fatal problem for our country. but repair is possible.”
It goes on to compare “Two Ways of Education” …………”.Socrates turns the discussion to another question: What is the right way for a man to live? What is just by nature and what is unjust? These Socratic questions were once at the center or CORE of education,…….” ” which is a core group of courses that all students, regardless of their major, are required to take. A true core, as I’ve described, has a unifying principle, such as the idea that there is a right way to live that one can come to know. Compare that to the use of the same word in describing the LATEST BRIGHT IDEA OF THE EDUCATION ESTABLISHMENT-the so called COMMON CORE- which is an attempt by bureaucrats and politicians to impose national standards on American schools. When one looks into COMMON CORE, it becomes clear that it has no unifying principle in the sense I have described. And it has destructive effects. But the point I want to make here is that its only stated object is career preparation.”…………….modern education treats students chiefly as factors of production, as people to be trained for productive jobs.”…………….Could the difference be more stark between the older and newer ways of education? Between leading students toward an understanding of the right way to live in a comprehensible world, and telling them they must shape their own values and make their own reality……..and by the way, think of the definition of reality, then think of making one’s own reality. Do you see that it destroys the meaning of the word to use it that way?” by Larry Arnn, Pres. Hillsdale College.

I left a lot out, please go on the Hillsdale college site and look at the Imprimis for Dec.

I just read a long description in the Waterville paper about Common Core. It did seem to me to be geared to teaching students more about how to make decisions and figure things out in their chosen career or job, which would be a good thing, but after reading this article, I don’t see how it is going to help teach students about right and wrong, good ethics and morals and helping send them off in the right direction. Which is very much needed in this Country. In other words,
it left me wondering what the article left out. I did see some of the test questions, which sounded like there were talking about a socialist Govt. so Common Core could be very much like Obama Care, in that it is one more step toward total Govt. takeover of the population starting at the kindergarten level. I do believe parents should be investigating Common Core much further, and checking out some of the reading materials, and some of the test questions, to see just what the aim of the Govt takeover of education is about.

The Imprimis went on to compare the difference between the old and the new way of governing which is directly connected to this turn in education. One way to see the difference is to see that laws in America used to be simple and beautiful. They were written with care, and citizen could read them quickly and understand their meaning. Of the four organic laws that founded America, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance, and the Constitution of the United States, none of them was more than 4,500 words long.
Compare that to the Affordable Care Act,………363,086 words and more, and in the true sense of the word it wasn’t a law at all, but something different…..’ Given what is now taught in our schools, is it any wonder that our leaders today behave like…..who have not given thought to the questions raised by Socrates in the Republic, or to the connection between the principles of the Declaration of Independence and civil and religious liberty?” He asks “How did Obama come to believe something so foreign to America’s heritage as the idea that in the name of liberty we must reject absolute truths-…from the Declaration?………………”
they go on to compare the small Govt of our founders, and the takeover of the Govt now. Very interesting.

So is Common Core just one more way to take away the independence of our American citizens?? or is it truly a wake up call to improve the education of our children. We were once No. 1 in the world in education, we are now near the bottom and I do not believe that more Govt interference will help, I DO HOPE I AM WRONG BUT THE PRES. OF HILLSDALE DOES NOT THINK SO.

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