“As a result of original sin, we tend to measure everything according to our own limitations.  Through the SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY Christ reveals that an indissoluble bond of love is possible.  This fact is the way to approach reality.  ‘You have seen the purpose of the Lord’ who is ‘merciful and gracious’.”   (from Magnificat)

Isn’t that what most of us are looking for “an indissoluble bond of love”?  If you love someone enough to give yourself to him/her and live with him/her, isn’t it worth the commitment to each other of marriage to have this actual bond of love?  The only true way to have this love on earth is through marriage, when two become one, and yet are two.  When we are married “with a priest or minister God is with us, this means there are 3 involved in our marriage, the man, woman, and God.  If we listen to Him, God gives us the grace to make our marriage strong and true. The only way to have any of this is through COMMITMENT TO EACH OTHER THROUGH MARRIAGE. Why would anyone give their whole selves to each other, live together, yet, not take advantage of the real Love that comes only through Marriage??????????(my opinion)

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