I hope everyone will read my blog during Lent which starts today with Ash Wednesday.  My goal is to post a prayer each day from the calendar put out by Catholic Relief Services and their Rice Bowl for Lent.  Their goal is to collect money to feed the hungry in the world.  They hand out cardboard bowls to put on our table, to put money in every day, to send to CRS after Easter.  The theory is that each of us will give up something during lent, and the money saved will go in the Rice Bowl to feed someone else.  CRS is run by the Catholic Church all over the world.  If you want to help CRS feed the hungry, put a bowl somewhere where everyone will see it, even kids can put pennies in that they save from giving up candy, after Easter, put the money in the bank, get a check and send to CRS. their address is on line. It is at:  www.catholicreliefservices.com  If you are Catholic, your parish should have Rice Bowls, if not make one out of a dish with a cover.  What will you give up for lent? Coffee, McDonalds? What extra will you do for Lent.  Doing something extra and/or giving up something for Lent, is a special way of showing Jesus that we are thankful and great full for the many gifts he has given us and also for suffering and dying on the cross for us, certainly we can make a little sacrifice. It also reminds us every day that we are approaching Easter, and what Redemption means to us.


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