Matthew’s “gloom became like midday” when Jesus uttered the words “follow me.”  Christ has come to call sinners.  Only his Presence gives us the courage to stop following our own ways and seeking our own interests.  Anyone who pleads to the Lord for his goodness and forgiveness will know the renewal of strength.  Those who acknowledge that they are “afflicted and poor.: will “ride on the heights.”

I just read an article by Father Roland Guilmain answering the question “Why is Catholic Mass so boring?  He started the article by proposing that more sacramental instruction would improve the persons relationship with Christ in the Eucharist. “The reason we attend Mass is because of what Jesus does for us, not what we do for him. Jesus loves us enough to give His life for our salvation.’In the Eucharist, Christ makes present to us anew the sacrifice offered once for all on Golgotha'(Blessed John Paul ll said).  Something very special happens at every Mass. (this is particularly the part I liked) WE’RE NO LONGER BOUND BY TIME AND SPACE.  CHRIST MAKES PRESENT TO US HERE AND NOW HIS SACRIFICE ON THE CROSS IN THE SACRAMENTAL SIGNS OF BREAD AND WINE. THAT CERTAINLY MERITS OUR ATTENTION.  Jesus also makes himself present by his Word, which he proclaims at every Eucharist. SO EACH NEW DAY BRINGS US A DIFFERENT MESSAGE FROM CHRIST.  By listening attentively to these reading–with our hearts and not just our ears-we’ll realize that Jesus is offering us suggestions on how to lead our lives……

That is why Matthew’s “gloom became like midday” when Jesus uttered the words “follow me”  happens to us Catholics every time we go to Mass and receive the Eucharist. It makes me feel like singing when I receive Jesus and follow him.

Our priest once said during his sermon:  “If people really, really, realized what went on in Mass in Catholic Churches, there would not be enough room in our churches for everyone.  Another priest just said the other day; “if all the Catholics in this Country started going back to church and actually doing as the CHURCH AND JESUS TEACHES, this Country would be changed in 2-3 months.”  THATS WHAT JESUS CAN DO IF WE ASK.


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