Hi all, did you ever think how much fun it is to be a Christian?? I should probably say JOYFUL instead of fun, but sometime it is just fun.  No I am not a new Christian, Thanks to my wonderful parents, I have been a Catholic Christian all my life.  And, thru thick and thin, thru very hard times when I wondered how I was going to make it through and the wonderful times when I knew God was at work, I was still JOYFUL with God.  And sometimes I never would have made it through without my faith in God.  My parents not only taught me about Jesus and God, they TAUGHT ME HOW TO TAKE TIME TO PRAY, ON MY KNEES, WHILE I’M WORKING OR JUST LAYING IN BED.  And yes, I have thanked them, and every time I go to Communion when I am thanking Jesus for coming into my heart and soul and the love and things I have in my life, I first thank him for parents that brought me up as a Catholic Christian.  There were times in my life when I didn’t pray much, times when I wondered if it was worth it to be a Catholic and obey God’s commands, especially when I really wanted to do something different then what God wants.  But I know Jesus was with me and knows my thoughts and kept me on the right track, in spite of myself.  So, here I am in my Senior years, painting my living room walls, listening to KLOVE Christian radio, singing along, and having fun.  What a Wonderful Life.  I truly hope you will all be able to look back and thank Jesus for being there with you when life was not fun but also when life was very joyful.  God bless you all. Enjoy your day with Jesus.



  1. As far I know, there is no such thing as a ‘ catholic christian’..
    I fail to comprehend how you managed to convince yourself that, roman catholic doctrines are anywhere to be found in the scriptures.??

    I think that perhaps you are deceiving yourself.

    • Sorry I didn’t read this sooner. Roman Catholic Doctrines are totally based on scriptures & tradition. The Catholic Church chose which scriptures were God inspired and those were put in the first Bible. Before the bible was written all worship was based on the tradition passed on by the apostles. Where did you think the scriptures come from. Our entire Mass is base on traditions of the first Mass and scripture. These Lenten Prayers and scripture quotes are from Catholic Authors. Check out these web sites: http://www.catholic.com and http://www.scborromeo.org (and on to their Catechism of the Catholic Church page, and you will get some true answers. The fact is Catholics were the first Christians and Jesus said the first Mass at Passover on Holy Thursday. Have a beautiful Lent.

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