REFLECTIONS:  THIS WEEK:  We visit our brothers and sisters in Guatemala, READ Yuvi’s Story of Hope and WATCH a video about education In Guatemala at www.crsricebowl.org/videos.

PRAYERS:  And the whole congregation of the people of Isreal grumbled against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness.  Exodus 16:2

O Christ, why is your creation so full of grumbling?  Though I am frustrated by constant complaining, I, too, am part of the problem.  Life together in community is seldom free from squabbling.  As I carry the crosses of community, help me patiently to attend to the grumbling of others.  Help me to hold my tongue when I am tempted to add a negative word.  Open my mouth to speak when a loving rebuke is necessary;  Life together with brothers and sisters in faith is truly a gift from you worthy of my praise? Amen

A HUNGER FOR COMMUNION    All the families of the earth shall be blessed.  Genesis 12:3

In every human heart there lives a deep hunger for communion.  This hunger manifests itself in many ways:  in a desire to be held, in a need to be close to someone, in a search for intimacy, friendship and companionship, in the hope of being listened to and understood, in a craving for union of body, mind and heart.  The hunger for communion of body, mind and heart.  The hunger for communion is never far away for us.  Whenever it is satisfied, we experience joy and piece.  Whenever it is frustrated, we experience pain and, often, inner anguish.  We want to belong, to be connected, to feel at home, to be safe, and we can fulfill none of these desires on our own.  Our whole being yearns for another mind; our heart needs another heart.  Our deep hunger for communion is a precious gift from God and a true driving force of our spiritual journey.

Lamb of God, thank you for the gift of communion.

Have a blessed Lent



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