:REFLECTIONS:  STATION 4:  JESUS MEETS HIS MOTHER:  Guatemalan parents struggle to feed their children.  Almost 50% of Guatemalan children under age 5 don’t have the food and nutrients they need to grow up healthy.  How many snacks have you had today?  Give 50cents to your Rice Bowl for each one.

PRAYERS:   You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.  Exodus 20:16

Lord, I did not choose my neighbors.  Rather, the people among whom you have placed me are a blessing from you.  I must confess that I often see my neighbors as less of a blessing and more of a bother.  You, however, have seen fit to place me among these people, so let me love them as your dear children.  As I take up the crosses of community, keep me from bearing false witness against my neighbors. Place upon my heart a desire to be constantly committed to the well-being of the people in my community. From: “Take Up Your Cross, Trevor Sutton.” (this is his prayer, not mine, I love my neighbors, and they are no bother, but that has not always been true, so I can relate, can you?)

IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER:  Call no one on earth your father; you have but one Father in heaven.  Matthew 23:9

Jesus speaks about his Father as the source of all his words and actions.  When he withdraws himself from the crowd and even from his closest friends, he withdraws to be with the Father…All through his life Jesus considers his relationship with the Father as the center, beginning and end of his ministry.  All he says and does he says and does in the name of the Father.  He comes from the Father and returns to the Father, and it is in his Father’s house that he wants to prepare a place for us.

Heavenly Father, prepare for us a place in your kingdom.

Have a meaningful Lent.

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