When we exhort people to Faith as a virtue, to the settled intention of continuing to believe certain things, we are not exhorting them to fight against reason.  The intention of continuing to believe is required because, though Reason is divine, human reasoners are not.  When once passion takes part in the game, the human reason, unassisted by GRACE, has about as much chance of retaining its hold on truths already gained as a snowflake has of retaining its consistency in the month of a blast furnace.  The sort of arguments against Christianity which our reason can be persuaded to accept at the moment of yielding to temptation are often preposterous.  Reason may win truths; without Faith she will retain them just so long as SATAN pleases.  There is nothing we cannot be made to believe or disbelieve.  If we wish to be RATIONAL, not now and then, but constantly, WE MUST PRAY FOR THE GIFT OF FAITH, for the power to go on believing not in the teeth of reason, but in the teeth of lust and terror and jealousy and boredom and indifference that which reason, authority or experience, or all three, have once delivered to us for truth.



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