I just posted a blog on LENT that discussed how we use money.  In the Magnificat the discussion at the beginning of the Mass is this:

“More tortuous than all else is the human heart.”  What the rich man was looking for in fine garments and sumptuous dining he WAS MEANT TO FIND IN THE BEGGAR ON HIS DOORSTEP.  For every person that God puts on our path becomes the way to the fulfillment we seek. Jeremiah warns, “Cursed is the man whose heart turns away from the Lord”–that is, the one who refuses the unexpected ways God makes himself present in our life. 

I just read that Abraham was rich, but unlike the rich man that left Lazarus to die on his doorstep, Abraham used his riches for good, and look how wonderfully his life worked out.

God bless you all!              


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