He reminds us that receiving baptism is both a privilege and a demand:  the demand to be the Holy Spirit’s instruments of harmony and peace.  We build up the Church not by being proselytizers, he reminds us, but by being witnesses in the way we live.

1. God;s word will sustain our faith and advance our conversion within the community of believers. “Be rich in God’s word, not your own.  He warns preachers to not give interminable homilies that are just full of noise, full of themselves, that the people do not understand. Likewise, he said, parents should be hearers of this word rather than followers of what they learn from television.  Catechists should allow Jesus to speak through them by living God’s word themselves.

2. Christian life is walking the journey TOGETHER. Priests should walk with the people, knowing their names and even the names of their pets.  Priests should walk ahead, in the middle and behind the people so they can encourage those struggling to keep up.  MARRIED COUPLES may argue all they want, BUT THEY SHOULD NEVER END A SINGLE DAY SEPARATED. RESTART YOUR RELATIONSHIP EVERY DAY, he advises.

3. Finally, it is important that we listen to one another, instead of just talking all the time.  Notice those on the fringes, like the children.


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