LENT, DAY 20, MON. MARCH 24, HALF WAY THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As a community of faith, we have the obligation to reach out to those who are most in need.  The Gospel calls us to take action on behalf of the most vulnerable members of our society. 

PRAYERS:  The Lord sustains him on his sickbed; in his illness you restore him to full health.  Psalm 41:3

Health is the silence of the organs, O Lord.  Be with me when my organs cry out in pain and illness overtakes me.  Sustain me as I carry the crosses of health.  When it is your desire,  Good Shepherd, prolong my illnesses.  Though I may not understand why you choose not to restore me to health, let me trust in your loving plan for my days.  Amen. (I do honestly have a problem with this prayer. Oh, how I hate to give up control, as if I really were in control?)

A CLEANSING LOVE            WASH AND BE CLEAN?  2 Kings 5:13

Oh, Lord, you kneel before me; you hold my naked feet in your hands, and you look up at me and smile.  Within me I feel the protest arising, “No, Lord, you shall never wash my feet.”  It is as if I were resisting the love you offer me, I want to say,  “You don’t really know me, my dark feelings, my pride, my lust, my greed.  I may speak the right words, but my heart is so far from you.  You must have someone else in mind, not me.”  But you look at me with utter tenderness, saying, “I want you to be with me.  I want you to have a full share in my life.  I want you to belong to me as much as I belong to my Father.  I want to wash you completely clean so that you and I can be one and so that you can do to theirs what I have done to you.”    I have to let go of all my fears, distrust, doubts and anguish and simply let you wash me clean and make me your friend who you love with a love that has no bounds.


Have a forgiving Lent




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