REFLECTIONS:  Station 13:  Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross.  In the United States, more than 16.4 million children live in poverty.  How can we work together to take these children down from this cross?  GIVE 50 cents to your Rice Bowl for each child in your family.

Another reflection:  After I wrote the prayer on fear, and basically said, I have no reason to have fears, and finished typing and closed my computer.  I FELT FEAR.  FEAR FOR MY LOVED ONES, FEAR ABOUT OUR HOUSE, FEAR ABOUT MY HEALTH.  Usually, if something bothers me, I offer it up to Jesus and ask him to take care of a situation and help me to handle it.  However, it was weird, until I realized the DEVIL had seen an opportunity to put me in my place.  Then I prayed, made the Sign of the Cross(the most powerful prayer) and spoke to Jesus.  Just goes to show, when we boast, even unintentionally, the Devil will take advantage.  LESSEN LEARNED.

PRAYERS:  When Jesus had finished all these sayings, he said to his disciples, “You know that after ttwo days the Passover is coming, and the Son of Man will be delivered up to be crucified.”  Matthew 26:1-2

Death causes me to tremble.  Like many people, I desperately cling to life and fear the prospect of death.  O Lord, I want to be more like you.  Taking on frail humanity, you went to the cross for me.  Taking on tremendous pain, you freely sacrificed yourself.  Christ Jesus, let me look upon my7 own death with your eyes.  As I carry the crosses of faith, I want to praise you for the breath of life and the breadth of my days.  by Trevor Sutton

WHO IS THE REAL HERO?  For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O lord from my youth.  Psalm 71:5

There were five South African trapeze artists (at this circus), three flyers and two catchers, and they danced in the air!  I was fascinated and told my father that I thought I’d missed my vocation, that what I’d always really wanted to do was to fly like that…The leader recently said to me, “Henri, everyone applauds for me because when I do those leaps and back flips, they think I’m the hero.  But the real hero is the catcher.  The only thing I have to do is stretch out my hands and trust, trust that he’ll be there to pull me back up.”… It is trust that remains.  Trust that when you come down from a triple somersault, your catcher will be there to pull you right back up again.  So just stretch out your hands and trust the God of life.  by Henri J>M> Nouwen

Heavenly Father, build in me a trusting heart.

This Holy Week, pray for a trusting heart.


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