Mary stayed outside the tomb weeping.  Alleluia!

With Mary, we may seek the Lord, weeping when he is not to be found in prayer, in worship, in our daily round of activities, only to come upon him in the most unexpected of places and discover that he has been there all along.  It was we who did not recognize him. As he promised, our risen Lord is with us always.  (Magnificat)

(personally I have great admiration for Mary, she watched her only son be murdered. I can’t even imagine the pain of that.  She has great understanding of our pain. That is why Jesus asked her to be our mother in heaven. She will pray and intercede for us with her son, Jesus.  She understands a mother’s joys and pains. Speak to her when you need a mother’s understanding and help, or you just need to speak to a friend.)

God bless you today!




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