WHEN WE, LIKE THE DISCIPLES IN TODAY’S GOSPEL, (Luke 24:35-48), are “startled,” “terrified,” or “troubled,” what restores our peace?  THE HUMANITY OF JESUS CHRIST.  The risen Lord says to the distressed disciples, “Look at my hands and my feet… Touch me and see.:  …………………………………Those who dare to look at his wounds and live as :witnesses of these things: hear the risen Christ say, “Peace be with you.” Magnificat

MEDITATION OF THE DAY:  cont’d from last night:  EMMAUS

The presence of Jesus, first with words and then with the act of breaking the bread, enabled the disciples to recognize him and they could feel in a new way what they had felt while they were walking beside him: “Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the scriptures?: (Lk.24:32) This episode points out to us two special “places” where we can encounter the Risen One who transforms our life:  in listening to his word, in communion with Christ, and in the breaking of the bread; two “places” profoundly united with each other because Word and Eucharist are so deeply bound together that we cannot understand one without the other:  the Word of God sacramentally takes flesh in the event of the Eucharist..

Dear friends, may the Easter season be for us all a favorable opportunity to rediscover the sources o faith, the presence of the Risen One among us, with joy and enthusiasm….

Let us allow ourselves to encounter the Risen Jesus! He, alive and true, is ever present in our midst; he walks with us to guide our life, to open our eyes.  Let us trust in the Risen One who has the power to give life, to make us be born anew as children of God, capable of believing and of loving.  Faith in him transforms our life, frees it from fear, gives it firm hope, enlivens it with God’s love which gives full meaning to existence.  (Pope Benedict XVI)




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