TUESDAY WITHIN THE 50 DAYS OF EASTER(the real Tuesday)April 29

Sorry for the mistake, yesterday’s blog was on Monday, April 28.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY:  Born of the Spirit

Holy Spirit, be ever mindful that it is you who, with Mary as your faithful spouse, are to bring forth and fashion the children of God.  In her and with her, you brought forth the Head of the Church and, in the same way, you will bring all His members into being.  Within the Trinity, none of the divine Persons is begotten by you.  Outside the Trinity, you are the begetter of all the children of God.  All the saints who have ever existed or will exist until the end of time, will be the outcome of your love working through Mary.

The reign especially attributed to God the Father lasted until the flood and ended in a deluge of water. the reign of Jesus Christ ended in a deluge of blood, but your reign, Spirit of the Father and the Son, is still unended and will come to a close with a deluge of fire, love and justice.

When will it happen, this fiery deluge of pure love with which you are to set the whole world ablaze and which is to come, so gently yet so forcefully, that all nations…will be caught up in its flames and be converted?…None can shield himself from the heat it gives, so let its flames rise.  Rather let this divine fire which Jesus Christ came to bring on earth be enkindled before the all-consuming fire of your anger comes down and reduces the whole world to ashes.. When you breathe your Spirit into them, they are restored and the face of the  earth is renewed.  Send this all-consuming Spirit upon the earth to create priests who burn with this same fire and whose ministry will renew the face of the earth and reform your Church.

 by: Saint Louis Grignion de Montfort(1716) a great French missionary preacher. 

PRAYER:  O almighty God, you have sent your only Son to be the help and protection of your people.  Give us this day the daily bread of your Work; guide us in your ways; bring us safely to evening, that we may give you thanks and praise, through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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