Don’t you go drawing back from your god; love your God.  You’re always saying to him, “Give me this and give me that”; say to Him sometimes, “Give me yourself.”  If you love him, love him for nothing, don’t be a shameless soul.  You wouldn’t be pleased with your wife, if she loved your gold, if the reason she loved you was that you had given her gold, given her a fine dress, given her a splendid villa, given her a……; because if these were the things she loved about you, she wouldn’t be loving YOU.  Don’t rejoice in such love as that……  You want your wife to love you for nothing, and you in turn want to sell your faith to God?  “Because I believe in you, you say to your God, “give me gold.”  Aren’t you ashamed?  Because I believe,” you say, “give me gold.”

You’ve put your faith up for auction; notice its price. That’s not what it’s worth, it isn’t to be valued in gold or silver, that’s not what your faith is worth.  It has a huge price tag; God himself is its price.  Love him, and love him freely, for nothing.  You see, if you love him on account of something else, you aren’t loving him at all.  You mustn’t want him for the sake of anything else, but whatever else you want you must love for his sake, so that everything else may be referred to love of him, not so that he may be referred to other loves, but that he may be preferred to other loves.  LOVE HIM, LOVE HIM FREELY, FOR NOTHING. (by Saint Augustine of Hippo. St. Augustine(year 430) is called the Doctor of Grace)

This definitely gives me pause to think, “Why do I love God?”  You?

PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  God of mercy, you poured forth upon us the Spirit of the freedom of the children of God.  As you opened the prison cells to which the first disciples were condemned, open every gate that stands between us and the freedom to love you and our neighbor, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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