(I was having issues with wifi, sorry for the missed blogs)Many of those who heard the word came to believer, alleluia!  (Acts 4:4)

Astounded, reassured, forgiven, fed by the love of their risen Lord, the disheartened band of Apostles is transformed into courageous preachers who will take the good news of Christ from one end of the world to the other.  (Question:  Are we courageous preachers?  Do we stand for what we believe?  Do we DARE speak out about evil in this country?)

PRAYER:  My heart is ready, O God, my heart is ready.  I will sing, I will sing your praise.  Awake, my sould, awake, lyre and harp, I will awake the dawn.

I will thank you, Lord, among the peoples, among the nations I will praise you for your love reaches to the heavens and your truth to the skies.

O God, arise above the heavens; may your glory shine on earth!   )Psalm 57)

Question:  Elections are coming up soon.  Are we researching what our candidates stand for, what they say and what they have previously done?  Are we voting for people that actually believe in Abortion?  Gay Marriage?  Do our candidates stand up for our freedoms granted by our Constitutions?  Do they believe that the Rights given to us in our Constitution come from God? We must know who we are voting for and we must vote for the best candidate possible.  We must be careful to vote for someone who believes in our Right of Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech(not just the speech on subjects they believe in). Pray for guidance before you vote, don’t believe what you hear, do research.  And please remember God gave us this opportunity to be free, but the only way for evil to triumph is for Good to do nothing.



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