IF WE READ…FOR EXAMPLE, in the Letter of James, “You were made in the word and in the truth,” which of us would dare to rejoice in the truth that we have been given?  The question immediately arises;  but how can one have the truth?  This is intolerance! Today the idea of truth and that of intolerance are almost completely fused, and so we no longer dare to believe in the truth or to speak of the truth.  It seems to be far away, it seems something better not to refer to.

   No one can say: I have the truth–this is the objection raised–and, rightly so, no one can have the truth.  It is the truth that possesses us, it is a living thing!  We do not possess it but are held by it.  Only if we allow ourselves to be guided and moved by the truth, do we remain in it.  Only if we are, with it and in it, pilgrims of truth, then it is in us and for us.  I think that we need to learn anew about “not-having-the-truth.”  JUST AS NO ONE CAN SAY I HAVE CHILDREN–THEY ARE NOT OUR POSSESSION, THEY ARE A GIFT, AND AS A GIFT FROM GOD,THEY ARE GIVEN TO US AS A RESPONSIBILITY–so we cannot say:  I have the truth, but the truth came to us and impels us.  We must learn to be moved and led by it.  And then it will shine again:  if the truth itself leads us and penetrates us.(Pope Benedict XVI) His Holiness Benedict XVI reigned as pope from 2005 to 2013.



Let us pray to the Lord, who redeems us by his love:

R.  Remember your mercy, Lord!

Make us walk in your truth and teach us-for you are God our Savior. R.

Teach us to hope in you all day long-because of your goodness, O Lord. R

Do not remember the sins of our youth-but purify our hearts to love you always and in all things.  R

God of mercy and compassion, pour forth upon your people the cleansing power of your Spirit, that, freed from every shadow of sin and betrayal, we may walk in your ways and serve you in love all the days of our life, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen




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