DO NOT FEAR THOSE, before whom you are now afraid; do not fear them, says the Lord, for I am with you to save you, to rescue you from their power. (Jer 42:11)

FEAR IS one of the great tactics by which evil tries to prevent the good from speaking out or acting with integrity according  to their Christian commitment.  It was a constant threat to the early Christians, who staunchly resisted.  On the day before Pentecost, we remember especially that Mary strengthened the early Christian community in their courage by praying with them, as she strengthens us today.

PRAYER;  God of mercy and compassion, you strengthen the weak to proclaim the Gospel by fidelity of life.  Through the intercession of the blessed Virgin Mary, strengthen all your people by the power of the Spirit to live what we proclaim, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen (Magnificat)

Intercessions:  Through the intercession of Mary, the mother of Jesus, we pray to Him who is the source of our courage:


When silence is more attractive than fidelity to the truth:  R

When approval is more desirable than perseverance in good: R

When safety is more appealing than suffering for righteousness’ sake:  R


I wrote these particular prayers starting with Jeremiah because Pentecost Sunday is tomorrow, 50 days after Easter, the Sunday that the Holy Spirit appeared to the Apostles to give them strength to preach the truth that Jesus Christ taught them.

It seems to me that many Christians, including myself, sometime find it hard to speak the truth because it might make someone angry or hurt someone’s feelings.  It also seems to be very common in politics these days to say what people want to hear, for approval, or to win votes, that what that politician knows is right and the truth.  Abortion comes to mind, gay marriage another, Our freedom of Religion, another.  We need to demand that politicians stand up for the Moral Truth and start demanding that our politicians stand for what is Right and the Truth, instead of what is Evil and a Lie, just to make people happy.  That is the only way to save this Country. 


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