I just read an article I want to pass along.  It is in BACKTALK in NEWSMAX, by Christopher Ruddy, Publisher

In part he wrote:  Conservatives are very open to the idea of immigration reform.  Exit poll data from the 2012 presidential election revealed that 65 percent of voters believe most illegal immigrants working in the US should be offered a chance at legal status, compared to just 28 percent who say they should be deported. (In my opinion, it is ridiculous to think we can deport 30 million or so illegals. Deport the criminals, yes, the rest, no. Mr. Ruddy has a good suggestion).

He believes that Congress and the president can begin by taking small steps: REGISTER, TAX, AND IDENTIFY THE UNDOCUMENTED AS THE BORDER IS FINALLY SECURED. THEN LET’S TALK ABOUT THE NEXT STEP.
He said our borders are not only porous, but also dangerous, Mexico’s organized crime problem is spilling over into the US.
I believe we must all write to our congressmen/women, Republican and Democrats, and insist that they jointly pass a bill that WILL CLOSE OUR BORDERS, REGISTER, TAX AND IDENTIFY THE UNDOCUMENTED (I believe they should be given Red cards, until such time as we pass another bill allowing them to progress to green) BUT FIRST, TAKE THE FIRST SMALL STEP. AND INSIST THAT THE PRESIDENT START UPHOLDING THIS NEW LAW AND ALL THE OTHER IMMIGRANTION LAWS, AND STOP MAKING LAWS OF HIS OWN.
Of course, if the Congress would act responsibly, the President wouldn’t be able to do his own thing. IT IS UP TO US AND CONGRESS.

Thank you Mr. Ruddy for the common sense approach. I do hope Congress will listen. I wrote to Senator King from Maine, perhaps if everyone writes, we might force them to do something concrete. Just think how many years? At least 8 or 10.
And thank you all for letting me sound off, It seems we always have the same problems, no mater which party is in office, and the problems just go on and on.

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