Star of hope to those who fall, Light amid a world of shadows,

Dawn of God’s design for all,

Chosen from eternal ages,

You alone of all our race,

by your son’s atoning merits

Were conceived in perfect grace.


Mother of the world’s Redeemer,

Promised from the dawn of time:

How could one so highly favored

Share the guilt of Adam’s crime?

Sun and moon and stars adorn you,

Sinless Eve, triumphant sign;

You it is who crushed the serpent,

Mary, pledge of life diving.


Earth below and highest heaven,

Praise the splendor of your state,

You who now are crowned in glory

Were conceived immaculate.

Hail, beloved of the Father,

Mother of his only Son,

Mystic bride of Love eternal,

Hail, O fair and spotless one!

(Hymn-from Magnificat, no author)


A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. (Rv 12:1)  (Some people interpret this as the new Jerusalem but we can also interpret this as Mary in all her glory at the end of time.

We consider Mary the new Eve and Jesus the New Adam

Mary the Mother of God, conceived without sin, courageous participant in the mystery of redemption wrought by her Son, loving mother to all the world, is herself the song of salvation sung by all the human race as the dawn of our own hope (Magnificat)

PRAYER: GOD, THE FATHER OF LIGHTS, let the light of your face shine upon the darkness of our sin.  Through the intercession of Mary, our Mother, free us from the shadows to which we cling and draw us into the light of your eternal kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

(DID you know that Mary Immaculate, is the Patroness of the U.S.?)  In other words,  In other words, many years ago, this Country was dedicated to Mary and she was asked  to pray to her Son for us.



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