This is the 3rd year, I believe that the Catholic Church, Nation Wide, has celebrated the Fortnight for Freedom, this year the theme is “TO SERVE..   There is several reasons for the celebration and prayers, and it started because we realized that in this Country, the great United States of America, we are loosing our greatest and first right given to us in the Bill of Rights.  In fact some believe that we are in the third or fourth step in the five steps to Persecution. I will explain more another night.  You can get more information yourselves by going to or the Maine bishops site 

THE FORTNIGHT FOR FREEDOM PRAYER:  It is suggested we all say this every day.

ALMIGHTY GOD, Father of all nations, FOR FREEDOM YOU have set us free in Christ Jesus.

WE PRAISE AND BLESS you for the gift of religious liberty, the foundation of human rights, justice and the common good.

GRANT TO OUR LEADERS the wisdom to protect and promote our liberties.

BY YOUR GRACE may we have the courage to defend them for ourselves and for all those who live in this blessed land.

WE ASK THIS through the intercession of Mary Immaculate, our patroness,

AND IN THE NAME of you SON, OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

WITH WHOM YOU LIVE AND reign, one God, for ever and ever. Amen

God Bless you all, Pray for this Country and the Religious Freedom we have a right to enjoy, and don’t be afraid to speak out when necessary.

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