ADULT ADHD- and what you can do to help yourself…NATURAL APPROACH….

Just read an article some of you might be interested in regarding Adult ADHD.  All adults with attention-deficit hyperactive disorder had it as children, and two-thirds of ADHD kids turn into ADHD adults.  This is characterized by inattention combined with hyperactive-impulsive behavior.  About 25% of close relatives of someone with ADHD also have the disorder, which is believed to involve neurotransmitters that stimulate attention-controlling parts of the brain.  More boys than girls are diagnosed with ADHD. However, more boys seem to grow out of the condition as they become adults.  Having a mother who smoked, did drugs, or drank alcohol while pregnant increases the risk of ADHD. Premature birth and childhood exposure to lead or other toxins are other risk factors.

WHAT TO DO:  Identify and make a plan. There is no cure for ADHD. However, medications can relieve many symptoms.  Many ADHD adults are only aware that they have a problem. Only about 20 percent of those with the condition are diagnosed.

NATURAL APPROACH:  Magnesium supplements may ease symptoms.  There’s also evidence that zinc supplements can reduce  impulsivity and hyperactivity.  Studies show ADHD sufferers may be deficient in omega-3 fatty acids.  So try a quality omega-3 supplement for at least one month.

ANTI-ADHD DIET:  Eat a high-protein diet including cheese, eggs, and meat.  Avoid simple carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar.  Eat complex carbohydrates such as those found in vegetables.  Nuts, olive oil, salmon, and other cold-water fish are “brain foods.”

ELIMINATION DIET: A university study linked food intolerances to ADHD. Common triggers include dairy products, peanuts, artificial flavors, chocolate, and corn syrup.

EXERCISE:  Exercise is naturally calming, and it elevates levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, brain chemicals that improve mental focus.

STAY ORGANIZED:  Make a daily list of appointments and tasks, and break the tasks into manageable steps.  Set up files and organize your information, personal as well as business.  Be consistent and persistent in your daily habits (for example, always keep you keys in the same place).

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS:  See a doctor. A good resource for finding health professionals with ADHD expertise is the organization CHADD For more info. visit CHADD online at


Experts believe ADHD may be the driving force that powers some high achievers to wealth and fame.  While ADHD adults have trouble keeping up with their keys, they may also have the ability to “hyper-focus” on pursuits they’re passionate about.  And they often seem to find that doing things their own way is, for them, the only way–a way that blazes trails for others.  The list of ADHD high achievers is believed to include albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, Vince Lombardi, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, George Patton, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Emily Dickinson, and Walt Disney. By Sylvia Booth Hubbard, in August Newsmax.


Sounds like it is a good idea to eat healthy, take the necessary vitamins and use your ADHD to be a High Achiever….We could use another Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.  Hope this is all helpful.




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