I am reading a terrific book by Scott & Kimberly Hahn titled ROME SWEET HOME; Our Journey to Catholism. The were both Presbyterian, both college educated, majoring in theology and specifically scripture. Scott became a Presbyterian minister, both had several college degrees. Scott became interested in the Catholic Faith when he somehow-I forget how- happened to read a book about scripture and the Catholic Church. It went on from there for many years. Anyway, I am learning a lot about my Catholic Faith and scripture plus many differences between Catholic and other Christian faiths that I did not realize. This is the second book I have read about conversions and differences between our Christian Faiths.
It is too late tonight, but tomorrow night I will list the things that Kimberly learned about Catholics and Mary that she did not know.

For tonight, please pray the Our Father, and ask that someday we will all be one big Christian Church as Jesus wants us to be. And please pray for the Christians in the world that are being persecuted.

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