ON SUNDAY WE CELEBRATED THE EXALTATION OF THE HOLY CROSS, the cross, instrument of torture and death, raised aloft as a sign of glory, continues to confound the wisdom of this world. God’s work of salvation stands human expectations on their head: humility is exaltation, wounds are healing, death is life. (Magnificat)
ON MONDAY (TODAY) IS THE MEMORIAL OF OUR LADY OF SORROWS. You need endurance to do the will of God and receive what he has promised.(Heb 10:35) GOD’S WORD CUT DEEPLY into Mary’s life; it cut away all the ordinary hopes a young woman might have for her future, for her family life, for her child. YET SHE ACCEPTED WITH A COURAGEOUS CONSENT that anticipates and mirrors the obedience of her Son “EVEN UNTO DEATH ON A CROSS.”(Phil 2:8)
As you can see we celebrate the glory of Jesus, and then the consent and sorrow of His Mother. Can you imagine the sorrow of seeing her son suffer so greatly and die and she could do nothing to help him? Even though she knew it was God’s will and she had been told her soul would be pierced with a sword, she never could have imagined what seeing what her son would go through. So, now that Jesus has made his mother the Queen of Heaven, she can definitely understand our suffering, and gladly pray for us. (me)
THE BLESSED VIRGIN WAS BORN TO BE THE MOTHER OF GOD. FROM THE FIRST moment of Mary’s immaculate presence (and we know she had no original sin, because God would not allow His son to be born from a woman with sin)in her mother’s womb, our Lady has led us to her Son. From the cross, Christ commands, “Behold, your mother.” As the Savior’s dying gift to us, Jesus leads us back to Mary. For we need the maternal closeness of the SORROWFUL MOTHER to sustain us when overcome by the terrifying trials of life. Through Mary’s compassionate presence at the cross, that event-as it recurs in our life-becomes more deeply human, filling us with the courage to face life’s sufferings, certain in the secure embrace of divine providence. Whenever Mary loves us, she gives us JESUS. By obeying the Lord in our devout beholding of the Mother of God, we give Mary the chance to speak her YES to the “annunciation” uttered from the cross: “BEHOLD, YOUR SON.” (Magnificat)

PRAYER: GOD OUR FATHER, THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY took part in her Son’s redemptive suffering for love of you and for the sake of the world. Through her intercession, may all your Church’s suffering bear saving fruit in Christ our Lord. Amen.


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